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This Gift Is A Curse (Black Sludge)


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Latest news: Tue, Sep 03 2019, THIS GIFT IS A CURSE

Latest release: "A Throne of Ash"

Release date: Fri, Jun 14 2019, US Fri, Jun 14 2019

THIS GIFT IS A CURSE are now announcing new Scandinavian tour dates opening for no other than CULT OF LUNA! The band will kick off the road rage at the Väven venue in Umeå (SE) on October 11th, 2019. The sludge black metal overlords will be playing in support of their freshly released album 'A Throne of Ash'.

The band comments on the tour: "We have been fans of CULT OF LUNA for a very long time and this opportunity to open for them is a huge honor. Brace yourselves, this will be a good one."


11 Oct 19 Umea (SE) Väven
16 Oct 19 Oslo (NO) Parkteatret
17 Oct 19 Copenhagen (DK) Pumpehuset
18 Oct 19 Gothenburg (SE) Pustervik
19 Oct 19 Stockholm (SE) Vasateatern

21 Sep 19 Stockholm (SE) Hus 7 (Release party)
24 Oct 19 Stockholm (SE) Close-Up Båten
01 Nov 19 Eskilstuna (SE) Lokomotivet (Halloween Meltdown)

THIS GIFT IS A CURSE will be playing in support of their freshly released album 'A Throne of Ash', which is still available in the Season of Mist shop.

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The experience that is ‘A Throne of Ash’ consists of poisoned blood, dying flesh and the dark ash from the charred body of man – both on a physical and astral plane with the underlying notion that nothing that transpires in what we call ‘reality’ has a greater meaning.

THIS GIFT IS A CURSE vomit forth a steady stream of pitch-black venomous hate. The Swedes passionately demonstrate that black metal remains fertile ground for new sounds. Combining elements of hardcore and sludge with influences from occult black metal as well as drone, 'A Throne of Ash' sets a new benchmark for vitriolic viciousness and massive sonic onslaught. The third full-length of the band from Stockholm has turned out to be a vision of darkness that seeks its equal.

THIS GIFT IS A CURSE were founded in Stockholm by a fateful chance meeting of vocalist Jonas A. Holmberg and drummer Johan Nordlund in late summer 2008. The duo soon recruited guitarist Patrik Andersson and Lars Gunnarsson on bass. In March 2010 the Swedish four-piece entered the legendary Sunlight Studios (ENTOMBED, KATATONIA, TIAMAT, DISMEMBER and many more) and recorded their self-titled debut EP with the aid of producer Tomas Skogsberg. 'This Gift Is A Curse' (2010) was well received in the underground and led to the band being invited to perform many shows in their homeland and Europe. During the second half of 2011, THIS GIFT IS A CURSE recorded their first full-length 'I, Gvilt Bearer' at a secret location north of Stockholm. Their producer Magbjork (MELEEH, CHILDREN OF FALL) moved his studio to this specific location to allow the band to unlimited record possibilities. Released in 2012, the album caused a buzz that reached beyond the underground and quickly sold out its first pressings. More touring followed during the next two years. In 2014, THIS GIFT IS A CURSE teamed up with Magbjork once again to record 'All Hail The Swinelord' in an abandoned house close to Stockholm.

After the release in 2015, a few Scandinavian and European tours followed before the band decided it was time to go back into the void to write new music. This process started with the recruitment of a second guitarist in order to push the sonic experience even further. David Deravian, hailing from steel town Eskilstuna, joined the cursed ranks of THIS GIFT IS A CURSE in 2016, adding fresh creative blood and new musical input to the sonic pot. As the new material took form, the band not only booked studio time with the great W. Blackmon of the Overlook Studios in Gävle (SE), but also kept their roots by recoding parts of the album at Norra Begravningsplatsen in Stockholm. Including producer MAGBJORK to the whole process once again to get the right ‘grit and grievance’ into the sound. Afterwards, mastering was done by none other than Magnus Lindberg (CULT OF LUNA, TRIBULATION, ALCEST etc).

This new monstrous black beast is a dark journey written in a barrage of heavy and intense riffing, ferocious blast beats, nightmarish soundscapes, ritualistic howls and occult themed vocals. Brace for impact!


Name Instrument
P. Andersson guitar, vocals
D. Deravian guitar, vocals
L. Gunnarsson bass, vocals
J. A. Holmberg vocals
J. Nordlund drums

Releases Season of Mist


A Throne of Ash

General information
: Fri, Jun 14 2019
: Fri, Jun 14 2019
: Sludge Black Metal
: SOM515
: available


All Hail The Swinelord

General information
: Fri, Oct 16 2015
: Fri, Oct 16 2015
: Sludge Black Metal
: SOM358
: available




Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Wed, Oct 16 2019 NO Oslo Parkteatret +Cult of Luna
Thu, Oct 17 2019 DK Copenhagen Pumpehuset +Cult of Luna
Fri, Oct 18 2019 SE Gothenburg Pustervik +Cult of Luna
Sat, Oct 19 2019 SE Stockholm Vasateatern +Cult of Luna
Thu, Oct 24 2019 SE Stockholm Close-Up Båten
Fri, Nov 01 2019 SE Eskilstuna Lokomotivet Halloween Meltdown
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