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Latest news: Tue, Nov 05 2019, VOYAGER

Latest release: "Colours in the Sun"

Release date: Fri, Nov 01 2019, US Fri, Nov 01 2019

Australian pop/prog sensation VOYAGER are now streaming their entire new opus 'Colours in the Sun', in full! The album was released on November 1st, 2019. You can listen to the entire album at the link below.

Listen to 'Colours in the Sun' HERE.

Vocalist Danny Estrin comments on the album: "Colours in the Sun is the most transcendent, layered, and effervescent album we have written and recorded. It’s poppy, but still holds weight with crunchy, powerful riffs. It's a true reflection of Voyager - five individuals from different roots coming together and creating a unique sound under the Australian sun."

The artwork and track-list of 'Colours in the Sun' can both be viewed below.



  1. Colours
  2. Severomance
  3. Brightstar
  4. Saccharine Dream
  5. Entropy
  6. Reconnected
  7. Now or Never
  8. Sign of the Times
  9. Water Over the Bridge
  10. Runaway

'Colours in the Sun' is available in various formats in the Season of Mist shop.

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Destined for longevity and worldwide success, Perth based quintet VOYAGER recently signed their first worldwide recording contract with Season of Mist following the release of their 6th opus Ghost Mile. Ghost Mile saw dedicated fans contribute to the band’s Pledge Music campaign in 2017, reaching the band’s goal in just a little over a week.

If there is one word to describe VOYAGER’s most current form, it is colourful. After years of evolution and amassing worldwide influences that mold the Perth quintet’s unique sound, VOYAGER have truly come into their own in recent years, crafting a path of success both on and off stage. The genre-transfiguring act blend new-romantic and 80’s infused vocals, keytar solos, technical yet melodic fretwork, groovy bass and bombastic drumming efforts. All of which make VOYAGER the pop/prog/power/rock/metal force that they are renowned as today.

Having toured the world a few times over and having shared the stage with names such as DEFTONES, LEPROUS, NIGHTWISH, COHEED and CAMBRIA, as well as headlining a number of festivals including opening the main stage at Download Festival Australia 2019, Voyager are back with a taste of what’s to come. The band’s versatile sound sees them complement a multiplicity of line-ups, and attract the love and attention of a wide demographic of fans!

In a bid to resonate with audiences all around the world, frontman Danny Estrin explains that "Colours in the Sun" is a musical depiction of a personal journey to an adopted country. "We are the colours in the sun" says Voyager, who are celebrating Australia’s vast and varied beauty with their new album.


Name Instrument
Danny Estrin Vocals/Keytar
Simone Dow Guitars
Scott Kay Guitars
Alex Canion Bass
Ashley Doodkorte Drums

Releases Season of Mist


Colours in the Sun

General information
: Fri, Nov 01 2019
: Fri, Nov 01 2019
: Prog
: SOM533
: available



General information
: Fri, Mar 01 2019
: Fri, Mar 01 2019
: Progressive Metal
: SOM498
: available




Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Fri, Dec 06 2019 AU Melbourne Good Things Festival
Sat, Dec 07 2019 AU Sydney Good Things Festival
Sun, Dec 08 2019 AU Brisbane Good Things Festival
Fri, Mar 20 2020 NL Eindhoven Effenaar Exact date TBA
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