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Latest news: Thu, Apr 13 2017, WITHERED

Latest release: "Grief Relic"

Release date: Fri, May 27 2016, US Fri, May 27 2016

Atlanta's WITHERED have added extra tour dates to their upcoming US tour in support of their latest release 'Grief Relic'.

The band have announced more shows in April that not only sees the band playing at the Decibel Metal and Beer Fest on April 22-23, but also expanding the band's previously announced MORBID ANGEL US tour together with SUFFOCATION and REVOCATION.


20 Apr 17 Washington (DC) The Pinch
21 Apr 17 Chesapeake (VA) Riff House
22 Apr 17 Philadelphia (PA) The Fillmore - Decibel Magazine Metal and Beer Fest
24 Apr 17 Baltimore (MD) Sparts Inn

23 May 17 Orlando (FL) The Beacham
24 May 17 Tampa (FL) Orpheum
25 May 17 Atlanta (GA) Masquerade
28 May 17 Boston (MA) The Brighton
29 May 17 New York (NY) The Gramercy Theater
31 May 17 Pittsburgh (PA) Mr. Smalls
01 Jun 17 Cleveland (OH) House of Blues
02 Jun 17 Detroit (MI) Crofoot
03 Jun 17 Chicago (IL) Metro
04 Jun 17 Minneapolis (MN) Cabooze
06 Jun 17 Fayetteville (AR) George's Majestic
07 Jun 17 Lawrence (KS) The Granada
08 Jun 17 Denver (CO) Bluebird Theater
09 Jun 17 Colorado Springs (CO) Black Sheep**
10 Jun 17 Salt Lake City (UT) The Complex
12 Jun 17 Seattle (WA) Studio Seven
13 Jun 17 Portland (OR) Dantes
15 Jun 17 San Francisco (CA) The Social Hall
16 Jun 17 Los Angeles (CA) Regent Theater
17 Jun 17 Pomona (CA) The Glasshouse
18 Jun 17 San Diego (CA) House of Blues
19 Jun 17 Flagstaff (AZ) Green Room**
20 Jun 17 Phoenix (AZ) Marquee
21 Jun 17 Albuquerque (NM) Sunshine Theater
22 Jun 17 El Paso (TX) Tricky Falls**
23 Jun 17 Dallas (TX) House of Blues
24 Jun 17 Austin (TX) Grizzly Hall
25 Jun 17 Houston (TX) House of Blues
27 Jun 17 New Orleans (LA) House of Blues

WITHERED are touring in support of their latest album 'Grief Relic'. Artwork and track list can be viewed below.



  1. Leathery Rind
  2. A Realm of Suffering
  3. Withdraw
  4. Feeble Grasp
  5. Husk
  6. Downward
  7. Distort, Engulf
  8. To Glimpse Godliness

'Grief Relic' can still be ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop.

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Darkness seeps eerily out of the speakers. Cruel dissonances rip through the air. A crawling feeling of violent despair sends shivers down the spine. WITHERED have spawned a sinister 'Grief Relic'.

WITHERED were formed by Mike Thompson and Chris Freeman in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America in 2003, when their long running crust/grind band, SOCIAL INFESTATION, went on an indefinite hiatus. Moving away from social awareness, the duo turned to explore the vastness of humanity's capacity for suffering. Wes Kever (PUAKA BALAVA) was recruited on drums and Greg Hess (LEECH MILK) on bass.

WITHERED released an untitled 3-song demo and immediately began touring the Eastern US. The critically acclaimed debut album 'Memento Mori' followed late 2005. Wes and Greg left on good terms and were replaced by local musicians Mike Longoria and Beau Brandon (WAITED).

After more touring, sophomore full-length 'Folie Circulaire' came out in 2008, garnering high critical praise and entering many end of the year charts. WITHERED treads darker realms by combining Scandinavian black and death metal elements with their crust/grind heritage. 'Folie Circulaire' carved out the first steps of an evolutionary musical path that continues until today. Dylan Kilgore (WAITED) stepped in for Chris Freeman, who could not proceed with the band's heavy touring schedule.

After a term on the road, third album 'Dualitas' (2010) witnessed WITHERED push their unorthodox song craftsmanship and extreme genre bending farther than ever and introduced more esoteric philosophy elements to extend the limits of introspective discovery. Another gruelling touring cycle took its toll. Dylan and Mike Longoria left their posts. Brandon and Thompson had already roughed in a few new songs and completed the framework for their fourth full-length with Ethan McCarthy (PRIMITIVE MAN) taking over vocal and guitar duties.

Lacking the accustomed bass presence, WITHERED called upon Colin Marston (GORGUTS, KRALLICE) to fill the void left by Longoria.

With evolution being their only constant, WITHERED have plunged into their darkest abyss so far with 'Grief Relic'!


Name Instrument
Beau Brandon Drums
Colin Marston Bass
Ethan McCarthy Guitar, vocals
Mike Thompson Guitar, vocals

Releases Season of Mist


Grief Relic

General information
: Fri, May 27 2016
: Fri, May 27 2016
: Tortured Blackened Death
: SUA068
: available

Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Mon, May 29 2017 US New York (NY) Granercy +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Wed, May 31 2017 US Pittsburgh (PA) Mr. Smalls +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Thu, Jun 01 2017 US Cleveland (OH) House of Blues +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Fri, Jun 02 2017 US Detroit (MI) Crofoot +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Sat, Jun 03 2017 US Chicago (IL) Metro +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Sun, Jun 04 2017 US Minneapolis (MN) Cabooze +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Tue, Jun 06 2017 US Fayetteville (AR) George's Majestic +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Wed, Jun 07 2017 US Lawrence (KS) Granada +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Thu, Jun 08 2017 US Denver (CO) Bluebird +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Sat, Jun 10 2017 US Salt Lake City (UT) The Complex +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Mon, Jun 12 2017 US Seattle (WA) Studio Seven +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Tue, Jun 13 2017 US Portland (OR) Dantes +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Thu, Jun 15 2017 US San Francisco (CA) The Social Hall +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Fri, Jun 16 2017 US Los Angeles (CA) Regent +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Sat, Jun 17 2017 US Pomona (CA) Glasshouse +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Sun, Jun 18 2017 US San Diego (CA) House of Blues +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Tue, Jun 20 2017 US Phoenix (AZ) Marquee +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Wed, Jun 21 2017 US Albuquerque (NM) Sunshine +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Fri, Jun 23 2017 US Dallas (TX) House of Blues +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Sat, Jun 24 2017 US Austin (TX) Grizzly Hall +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Sun, Jun 25 2017 US Houston (TX) House of Blues +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
Tue, Jun 27 2017 US New Orleans (LA) House of Blues +Morbid Angel +Suffocation +Revocation
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