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Tue, Jul 13 2010: HEARING THE DIVINE

Latest release: "No God, No Satan"

Release date: Mon, Aug 30 2010, US Tue, Sep 14 2010

MP3 - OTARGOS - No God, No Satan - Cloning the Divine

As previously announced, French black metallers OTARGOS will release their fourth album on August 30th (September 14th in North America) on Season of Mist Underground Activists. Download the "Cloning the Divine" song for free here!



  1. Hoax Virus God
  2. Cloning the Divine (download video)
  3. Worship Industrialized
  4. Hexameron
  5. I, Flesh of God
  6. Origin
  7. Cuiusvis hominis est errare
  8. I, Blood of Satan
  9. XXI (The Pathological Mass)
  10. The Hulk of Conviction and Faith

Last May, OTARGOS shot a video clip for "Cloning the Divine". You can watch this nine minute short film on YouTube or download it from Season of Mist's website.

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