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Tue, Apr 16 2013: THIS MISERY GARDEN

Latest release: "Cornerstone"

Release date: Fri, Apr 12 2013, US Tue, Apr 16 2013

THIS MISERY GARDEN’s new album ‘Cornerstone’ is out today in North America! You can purchase it in limited Digipak edition with two bonus tracks from your usual retail store, on or Season of Mist’s e-shop



  1. Human – ET
  2. Holy Clutch
  3. Angry Child
  4. Mr X (Was Right)
  5. Rope
  6. Siamese again
  7. Crowded Hallway
  8. Warning Zone
  9. The First Man.
  10. Death Head Colors
  11. Swallowing the monster
  12. Flower Eye Tree

THIS MISERY GARDEN shot video clips for “Warning Zone” and “Siamese Again”, two songs off of ‘Cornerstone’. You can also listen to “Rope” on Season of Mist’s Soundcloud page.

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