Carnival in Coal

Hilarious Disco Grindcore Metal - France

Carnival in Coal Band

Where were we ?

1995 saw the birth of the entity named CARNIVAL IN COAL, grounded by the tormented characters Arno StrobL (vocals, lyrics, and bright ideas) and AxeL Wursthorn (music writing, production, and spaced-out sounds). Two French musicians, victims of their surroundings lack of understanding.

A few years and an outstanding demo tape later, their much awaited debut album “Vivalavida” was released by War on Majors. This album imposes a brand new style based on an improbable hybrid of Extreme Metal and Disco, chaperoned by outrageous lyrics. As if Frank Zappa had overdosed on Morbid Angel and Mr Bungle.

Hailed by French critics and most warmly welcomed by the public, CARNIVAL IN COAL quickly stroke back with a tribute album destined to enlarge their audience in Europe and the rest of the world (“French Cancan”, released in November 1999). The album is skillfully backed by a cover version of “Maniac”, from the cult “Flashdance” film score (!!). The German and Austrian metal heads in particularly are fond of this album, and “French Cancan” paved the way for the duets inevitable new baby, the multi-facetted “Fear Not Carnival in Coal”, to be released on the 2nd of July.

Pushing unrestrained violence, surrealism, and sick humor another step further ; the album reintroduces us a more mature band, hammering-in their original style, along with an ever-outstanding image.

Whos afraid of Carnival in Coal ? / Who fears Carnival in Coal ?


  • Axel : Music and instrument
  • Arno : Vocals

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.