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Experimental Metal - Spain

Obsidian Kingdom Band

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM is devoted to exploring the boundaries of Rock music. The Barcelonan band defies classification to this very day, drawing equally on progressive rock, post-metal, alternative and electronic music. However hard to pigeonhole, it remains consistent with delivering exciting content that never fails to surprise its audience.

Forever on a restless journey to find its true identity, the quintet has been dubbed “the masters of every genre” by the media. Featuring a heavy and intense sound with plenty of contrast, its main features are the ability to portray a wide range of emotions through the use of multiple sonic resources, a deep interest in aesthetics and the sombre quality of the lyrical topics.

‘MEAT MACHINE’ is a frantic attempt at self-discovery, through a head-first plunge into the anxiety derived from sexual frustration, the absurd of reality and the inherent cruelty of a mechanized world. It is a demanding album that reads as an emotional roller-coaster, featuring an abrasive and overwhelming sound that draws equally from noise and art rock, post metal and late 90s alternative music.


  • Rider G Omega : Guitars and vocals
  • Ojete Mordaza II : Drums, Beats
  • Om Rex Orale : Bass
  • Viral Vector Lips : Guitars
  • Jade Riot Cul : Synths, Vocals
Posted on August 6, 2019

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM are about to hit the studio again this summer to produce their third full length album – an intense collection of angst-ridden yet sanguine songs. The experimental Barcelonian outfit will spend the next month at Ax Studio in their hometown (the same place where their debut “Mantiis” was recorded), resolved to create what will be their guttiest work to date.

Posted on October 10, 2016

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM in cooperation with audio-visual project This Is Not have released a beautiful video clip for an acoustic version of the song “Black Swan”. The original track has been released on the eclectic Spaniards’ latest full-length ‘A Year With No Summer’.

Posted on May 31, 2016

Obsidian Kingdom will be joining a European co-headling tour of SHINING (NO) and INTRONAUT as special guests this September. The band is performing in support of their current full-length ‘A Year With No Summer’, which is available for purchase here.

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