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When you invent your own genre, you can make the rules, and in space, no one can correct your math. If Wormhole’s excellent The Weakest Among Us was 50% tech death and 50% slamming brutal death metal, their Season of Mist debut is a veritable leveling up of the Baltimore-based act’s trademark “tech slam.” It’s the kind of record that can scramble your brain and give your neck a nice chiropractic workout; Almost Human feels like the future of extreme metal, dropped down from either outer space or delivered by Nintendo cartridge (more on that later).

So, what the hell exactly is “tech slam?” Well, the gleefully amorphous and unholy term comes from an ethos that guitarists Sanil “Noni” Kumar and Sanjay Kumar discovered and perfected over (probably) thousands of hours of Metroid and Doom games, as well as, you know, actual musical mastery. Almost Human, out September 22, 2023, is more powerful, more agile, and more confounding for pie-chart-enthusiasts than anything else that came before it. The sequel is always bigger, darker, and in this case, covered in much more pixelated space horror viscera. My Wormholio calculator puts their sound at 91% tech and 89% slam, with an increase in awesome stats somewhere in the 420% range. There’s also a clear emphasis on amplifying their dissonant death influence, the kind of eerie melodies that feel like being stomped on by Samus.

There’s a clear balance to everything on Almost Human: the songs are more adventurous while also being instantly memorable. No two songs sound alike, and that diversity in songcraft (level design?) sees Wormhole pushing and pulling along their tech and slam dials to figure out what’s best for the song; spoiler, it’s always riffs. What also becomes evident after repeated listens is how carefully the Kumar brothers understand a sense of place, humor, and a consistent vibe. This is still the same band that’s known for throwing on Saturday morning cartoons, and Almost Human continues to hammer home that Wormhole the musical entity is deadly serious, but the guys that make tech slam are not stoic creatures. There’s a warmth and sense of joy when chatting with them that only gets brighter when you ask their favorite Metroid game (that’s a question for a live show). So, what is this vibe they are chasing? Sanjay shares:

“The tech slam imagery is based on Metroid lore, Doom lore, and we haven’t written a song about it yet, but Alien as well. Those three things are brutal sci-fi universes, so we’re trying to embody that sound. The slam riffs, you can connect the brutal killing of stuff with the brutal chunky riffs; that’s been a match that’s existed since the nineties. So that’s the slam part, and then the tech part was harder to fit that vibe, so we kind of do it differently. I lean into very dissonance-vibe stuff, like Artificial Brain and Dysrhythmia. I think disso-death and heavy, they aren’t usually paired together, even though they should be.”

“And then as far as chasing the vibe,” Noni adds, “I kind of go about it two ways. With the Metroid soundtrack or universe, that vibe, there’s some dark and gloomy atmosphere, but there’s a lot of pretty imagery as well. We wanted to find a way to match that very pretty, kind of out-there sound cohesively in songs with a very aggressive and guttural approach.”

Like another famous sci-fi horror masterpiece of a different media, Wormhole’s shifting, amorphous style is perfectly suited to blend in and amaze just about any fan of heavy music. That’s The Thing: they can pull off whatever they want, but it’s always boiled down to that tech slam vibe. Do you like tech, melody, breakdowns, atmosphere, or dissonance? Tech slam can fill whatever void you seek.

If previous albums were early generation, lower-resolution visions of tech slam, Almost Human is the 4K reboot, where you can see every pixel of terror and awe. Wormhole are absolutely ready for their closeup. Prepare your worms and your holes, tech slam is here to stay.


  • Julian Kersey : Vocals
  • Sanil Kumar : Guitar
  • Sanjay Kumar : Guitar
  • Basil Chiasson : Bass
  • Matt Tillett : Drums
Posted on August 22, 2023

WORMHOLE warp brutal riffs and screeching dissonance into a signature tech-slam combo. So it’s no surprise that the Baltimore band are huge gamers. Their new album ‘Almost Human’ was inspired by stomping fools at Metroid and Doom as much as headbanging to Artificial Brain and Dysrhythmia.

Posted on July 20, 2023

WORMHOLE  are tech-slamming their way across the U.S. while out on tour with NecroticGoreBeast, Cognitive and Analepsy. The Baltimore band have been giving crowds a taste of their new album ‘Almost Human’, including the glitchy, devastating lead single “System Erase”. Today, they’re premiering the album’s second single with Death Metal Supply. Watch the official music video HERE.

Posted on July 6, 2023

Wormhole are emerging from Baltimore’s underground with a new album. ‘Almost Human’ takes the band’s homemade tech slam to the next level. Riffs screech with more eerie, alien dissonance, while the rhythm section barrels and flips like Samus in her morph ball. They’ve also added new vocalist Julian Kersey, who grunts like a cyber demon on lead single “System Erase”.

Posted on June 21, 2023

WORMHOLE play by their own rules. When they’re not schooling fools at Nintendo or throwing on the odd Saturday morning cartoon, the band are out scrambling brains with a homemade combo slam of brutal, technical death metal. Or, as they call it, tech slam. For the past eight years, they’ve been fine-tuning their signature moves both in and outside of Baltimore. Now, with ‘Almost Human’, they’re ready to erupt from the underground.

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