Posted on February 1, 2011

More information about Lux Mundi

As previously announced, Swiss Dark metallers S A M A E L have chosen “Lux Mundi” (which translates in English as “Light of the World”) as the title for their upcoming album.

“Lux Mundi” will be out in North America on May 3rd, adorned with the following cover artwork:

  1. Luxferre
  2. Let My People Be!
  3. Of War
  4. Antigod
  5. For A Thousand Years
  6. The Shadow Of The Sword
  7. In The Deep
  8. Mother Night
  9. Pagan Trance
  10. In Gold We Trust
  11. Soul Invictus
  12. The Truth Is Marching On
  1. Antigod
  2. Into the Pentagram (2010)
  3. Reign of Light (live)
  4. Slavocracy (live)
  5. Antigod (Dark Night remix)
  6. Ten Thousand Years

“For the cover artwork of “Lux Mundi” I envisioned a series of rays starting or ending at the centre of the cover”, comments frontman Vorph. “I wasn’t even thinking about any kind of motives, just black on black using a matte and shining black to make the rays apparent. I spoke about that with Patrick (Pidoux) who did the artwork of “Solar Soul” and “Above” and he came out with that idea upon which we immediately all agree”.

“I drew a very graphic version of an eye which represents sight, the first human sense able to capture light”, added Patrick Pidoux.

“On a few occasions during the recording of “Lux Mundi” our friend Sergey Ulyanov (who did the “Black Hole” video) came to the studio with his camera. He later assembled and edited what he shot and put some of the new songs as background music. That would eventually become a 3 episodes teaser for the new album”, reports Vorph. You can check out the first studio part on S A M A E L’s YouTube channel.

The “Antigod” EP, featuring a song from “Lux Mundi” is still available as exclusive digital download for North America. Check it out on iTunes!

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