Posted on March 30, 2011

More information about Lux Mundi

Swiss dark metallers S A M A E L posted a brand new song online. “In the Deep” is taken from upcoming album “Lux Mundi”, to be released in North America on May 3rd. Download the song for free here!

  1. Luxferre
  2. Let My People Be!
  3. Of War
  4. Antigod
  5. For A Thousand Years
  6. The Shadow Of The Sword
  7. In The Deep
  8. Mother Night
  9. Pagan Trance
  10. In Gold We Trust
  11. Soul Invictus
  12. The Truth Is Marching On
  1. Antigod
  2. Into the Pentagram (2010)
  3. Reign of Light (live)
  4. Slavocracy (live)
  5. Antigod (Dark Night remix)
  6. Ten Thousand Years

Frontman Vorph made the following comment on “Lux Mundi”: “We’ve stuffed this album with so many things that it feels like we’ve created a black hole. We might have come full circle after “Solar Soul” and “Above” and the option for us was to leave S A M A E L behind or to add a new layer to our legacy. We went for the second option. With “Lux Mundi” we’ve put tar on our path and now we’ll be able to move further?”

“‘Lux Mundi’ started to take shape in 2007”, adds Xy. “For almost three years, we have reworked those songs, changed things to bring them to maturity before entering the pre-production process in 2010. This album can be seen as the achievement of what we started with “Ceremony of Opposites” and “Passage” or as a new start for S A M A E L.”

“Lux Mundi” will be released as an exclusive 2CD digipak including the “Antigod” EP, which was previously available only as digital download in North America!

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