Red Harvest

Harvest Bloody Harvest

Artist: Red Harvest

Catalog Number: SOM138

Release Date: September 18th, 2006

  1. Fall of Fate
  2. Mekanizm
  3. GodTech
  4. Cybernaut
  5. Absolut Dunkelheit
  6. Junk-O-Rama
  7. TeknoCrate
  8. I.P.P.
  9. Cold Dark Matter
  10. A.E.P.
  11. Beyond the End

The sheer force of Norway's RED HARVEST is live and unleashed for the first time on DVD ! Filmed at the 2005 Sonic Solstice Festival in Oslo, Norway, the band's pummelling set is a faithful account of live endurance and exhilaration. RED HARVEST pull no punches with Ofu Kahn and his crew steering their dark vessel through a 50-minute odyssey featuring crushing slabs of austere and glacial soundscapes. "Harvest Bloody Harvest" is the ultimate live document of this eminent band. "In the world of live shows, RED HARVEST is Godzilla!" – Fenriz, DARKTHRONE

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