Mark Deutrom

The Blue Bird

Artist: Mark Deutrom

Catalog Number: SOM506

Release Date: January 4th, 2019

  1. No Space
  2. Futurist Manifesto
  3. Radiant Gravity
  4. O Ye Of Little Faith
  5. Our Revels Now Are Ended
  6. Hell Is a City
  7. Somnambulist
  8. Through the Ringing Cedars
  9. They Have Won
  10. The Happiness Machine
  11. Nothing Out There

The true treasure of former MELVINS bassist MARK DEUTROM's artistic expression lies in his wide-ranging and genre transcending solo recordings. His brand new album solo effort 'The Blue Bird' underlines the multi-instrumentalist's broad musical scope and comes with the bonus track "Somnambulist".

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