Mark Deutrom

The Value of Decay

Artist: Mark Deutrom

Catalog Number: SOM448

Release Date: April 6th, 2018

  1. From the Deepest Well
  2. Darksider
  3. Dim Candle
  4. Au Printemps
  5. Love Story Pt. 1
  6. Making a Killing
  7. Love Story Pt. 2
  8. Buried in the Jewel
  9. Victor's Closet
  10. Love Story Pt. 3
  11. Cities of Gold
  12. Blood Fairies
  13. Perish the Thought
  14. Curtains
  15. Love Story Pt. 4
  16. Empire Sands

The true treasure of former MELVINS bass player MARK DEUTROM's artistic expression lies in his wide-ranging and genre transcending solo recordings. His sophomore full-length, 'The Value of Decay' (2011) underlines the multi-instrumentalist's broad musical scope; for example by successfully fusing blues rock and super-heavy sludge on the epic track "Making a Killing" or with the striking contrast between the ten-ton Southern fried guitar fuzz of "Buried in the Jewel" and the psychedelic zero-G ambient of the final part of closing song "Empire Sands".

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