Christian Death

The Dark Age Renaissance Collection, Part 2, The Age Of Innocence Lost

Artist: Christian Death

Catalog Number: SOM642

Release Date: November 5th, 2021

    Sex And Drugs And Jesus Christ

  1. This is Heresy
  2. Jesus, Where's the Sugar?
  3. Wretched Mankind
  4. Tragedy
  5. Erection
  6. Ten Thousand Hundred Times
  7. Incendiary Lover
  8. Ketzerei
  9. Window Pain
  10. The Third Antichrist
  11. This is not Blasphemy

    All the Love All the Hate (Part 1 – All the Love)

  1. Live Love Together
  2. We Fall Like Love
  3. Love Don't Let Me Down
  4. Suivre La Trace De Quelqu'un
  5. Love Is Like a Bitchin' in My Heart
  6. I'm Using You (For Love)
  7. Deviate Love
  8. Woman to Mother Earth

    All the Love All the Hate (Part 2 – All the Hate)

  1. Born In A Womb, Died In A Tomb
  2. Baptised In Fire
  3. I Hate You
  4. Children Of The Volley
  5. Kneel Down
  6. Climate Of Violence Pts.1 2 & 3
  7. The Final Solution
  8. Nazi Killer
  9. Man To Father Fire


  1. Believers Of The Unpure
  2. Overture
  3. The Wind Kissed Pictures
  4. The Lake Of Fire
  5. Blast Of The Bough
  6. Amaterasu
  7. The Absolute
  8. Lacrima Christi (English Version)
  9. Lacrima Christi (Italian Version)

'The Dark Age Renaissance Collection, Part 2, The Age Of Innocence Lost,' due November 5, 2021, combines four of their middle-period recordings that marked the rebirth of the band as fronted by Valor Kand. This special set pulls together their 1988 commercial break-through 'Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ',  (1990), 'All the Love All the Hate' Part 1 – All the Love and Part 2 – All the Hate (both 1989), and the full-album version of 'The Wind Kissed Pictures' (1988).

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