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Abysmal Dawn (Extreme Metal)




ABYSMAL DAWN were founded in the year 2003. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, USA, the band set out to combine the brutality and hooks from old school death metal with the more atmospheric and melodic approach of the more modern bands of that time. Their first declaration of intent, a three-song demo released in winter 2004 garnered early interest within the underground scene and invitations to perform alongside such established headliner as HATE ETERNAL, ABORTED, and others.

With their debut full-length, 'From Ashes' (2006), ABYSMAL DAWN immediately made bigger splashed and gained international recognition. The release was followed by a first US tour supporting SIX FEET UNDER and DECAPITATED as well as many more shows.

Subsequently, ABYSMAL DAWN experienced some changes in their line-up, which left Charles Elliott as the only original member. The reformed band entered studio in August 2010 to record 'Leveling the Plane of Existence', which was unleashed in the following year. Mixed and mastered by Erik Rutan (CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE ETERNAL), their third full-length featured guest-appearances by Moyses Kolesne (KRISIUN) and Kragen Lum (HEATHEN), who both contributed guitar solos. A tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE and EXHUMED underscored the band's growing status.

The Americans had established themselves firmly within their country's death metal canon and continued to cement their base with the sophomore album, 'Programmed to Consume' (2008). With more experience under their belt, this record witnessed the band taking a big step in regards of their songwriting while carefully expanding their horizon without betraying the original spirit. More touring followed with such prolific acts as MISERY INDEX, ORIGIN, and OBSCURA among others.

ABYSMAL DAWN had begun to deliberately expand on the technical side of their music, a trend which the following album, 'Obsolescence' (2014) took even further. More diverse than ever, the Californians started to tour Europe supporting DEATH TO ALL and LOUDBLAST in 2015, while North America got to see their rising band again with CANNIBAL CORPSE, OBITUARY, CRYPTOPSY, and more in the following two years.

Having re-invented themselves once again through a new line-up, the four-piece around mastermind Charles Elliott is now preparing to take on the world with their forthcoming fifth full-length via Season of Mist. Get ready for ABYSMAL DAWN launching a massive assault in 2018.


Name Instrument
Charles Elliott guitars, vocals
Eliseo Garcia bass, additional vocals
James Coppolino drums
Vito Petroni guitars
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