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Cynic (Progressive Metal)




For more than two decades, fans and critics alike have struggled to explain, or perhaps contain, Cynic. Some have offered detailed musical analyses, while others have suggested that words are the very last place to look for meaning. Cynic's debut record Focus was released in September of 1993, and was nearly universally panned. The death metal community was unwilling to accept the clean breaks and vocoder-enhanced singing, and for fans of progressive rock, the brutal vocal style was a bridge too far. The band accompanied its one and only release into the world with no less dedication and sincerity than went into recording and composing it. But with a reception that ranged from indifference to hostility, the end of Cynic came swiftly and conclusively.

In 2004 Roadrunner Records, looking to reissue some back catalog and taking notice of Internet chatter, released a 10th-anniversary edition of Focus. This deluxe edition not only exposed Cynic to a wider audience but also re-energized their existing fan base. But it wasn’t until 2006 that something which was once the furthest thing from everyone’s mind would become reality: a Cynic reunion. A new full-length CD in 2008 called Traced in Air has many of the hallmarks associated with Focus: a combination of computerized and growling vocals, intricate and powerful drumming, poignant and antiphonal guitar work, as well as independent and contrapuntal bass. But here is where Cynic, writing as a trio, could also apply what they had each learned during the fifteen years since Focus: an emphasis on the song rather than the parts. Fans and critics alike took second notice of Cynic, whose musical alchemy had since become a source of inspiration for a new generation of progressive bands.

Records to follow include the deconstructed Re-traced, followed by a miniature concept CD comprised of three songs, each set within segues and interstices of textured percussion, vocals, and guitars, called Carbon-Based Anatomy. In 2014 a new full-length CD was released, called Kindly Bent to Free Us, which bears the essential distinctions for which Cynic are known: complex and challenging arrangements, harmonic depth and nuance, passionate and considered guitar work, and an intuitive rhythm section.

While the surface of Cynic has changed during the intervening years since Focus, the attentive listener will notice that the essence remains. Because of this, Cynic’s music is resistant to summary descriptions associated with “genre” and “style”. But it’s not good enough to simply say that Cynic has no musical boundaries; it’s too nondescript, or worse, can sound like an evasion. Instead, Cynic belongs more to a principle than a genre: one determined to pursue truth, is dedicated to integrity, and bears the two with all its strength.


Name Instrument
Paul Masvidal vocals, guitars
Sean Malone bass
Matt Lynch drums

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Fri, Dec 07 2018
: Fri, Dec 07 2018
: Progressive Rock
: SOM465EP
: available


Kindly Bent To Free Us

General information
: Fri, Feb 14 2014
: Tue, Feb 18 2014
: Progressive Rock
: SOM300
: available


The Portal Tapes

General information
: Fri, Mar 23 2012
: Tue, Mar 27 2012
: Atmospheric Prog
: SOM257
: available


Carbon-Based Anatomy

General information
: Fri, Nov 11 2011
: Tue, Nov 15 2011
: Progressive Rock
: SOM236
: available



General information
: Mon, May 17 2010
: Tue, May 18 2010
: Progressive Rock
: SOM216
: available


Traced in Air

General information
: Mon, Nov 17 2008
: Progressive Metal
: SOM182
: available
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