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Nothnegal (Metal)




The Maldive Islands lie like a double row of pearls in the gentle breeze of the Indian Ocean. Yet the sound of NOTHNEGAL's album debut "Decadence" is anything but sunny and happy associated with white beaches and palm trees.

There is rather a dark melancholic streak flowing through their modern melodic Death Metal sound that comes with added very subtle touches of Industrial and Progressive elements. The band is founded by guitarists Hirlarl and Fufu on the capital island Malé in the year 2006 after leaving their previous group MORTUARY. The cousins are aiming for a high level of professionalism from the start and enlist the support of DÅÅTH, ex-CHIMAIRA, ex-DYING FETUS, ex-MISERY INDEX drummer Kevin Talley and Finnish keyboard player Marco Sneck (KALMAH, POISONBLACK).

A wise decision that reflects well in the highly precise sharp rhythmical base and elegant cinematic keyboard lines of "Decadence". The album demonstrates a quick evolution of NOTHNEGAL from their self produced 4 track EP. Mixed by Finnish producer Anssi Kippo (CHILDREN OF BODOM, NORTHER), "Antidote of Realism" (2009) catapulted the Maldivians onto the international scene, who successfully supported FINNTROLL and label mates ROTTING CHRIST during their 2010 European tour covering 25 cities in 12 countries.

NOTHNEGAL are more than just another exotic act. With "Decadence" the band proves to be a great addition to the worldwide Metal scene. Spin it again!


Name Instrument
Affan Vocals
Hilarl Guitar
Chippe Guitar
Marco Sneck Keyboards, Samples
Kevin Talley Drums
Hamad Bass

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Mon, Jul 29 2013
: Tue, Aug 06 2013
: Folk Metal
: SOM312
: available



General information
: Fri, Jan 20 2012
: Tue, Feb 28 2012
: Melodic Death Metal
: SOM231
: available
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