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Rotting Christ (Black Metal)




ROTTING CHRIST finally release their first official live album. It is nothing but appropriate that a band with a 27 year success story, 12 albums, and more than 1.200 shows under their belts celebrate this event with a double album. 'Lucifer Over Athens' was recorded in the Greeks' hometown in front of a crowd going wild in December 2013. This striking testimony of the veterans' massive prowess on stage marks a high point in the career of ROTTING CHRIST. With a stable and strong line-up, band leader Sakis confidently marches his phalanx not only to conquer the live audience but also to capture the listener with 'Lucifer Over Athens'. This grandiose show of force is supported by a gigantic barrage of classics and fan favourites to grace a carefully selected setlist. The Greeks also worked extremely hard on recording and preserving the atmosphere and live sound of the concert for this document. ROTTING CHRIST were founded as early as 1987 by guitarist and vocalist Sakis Tolis together with his brother Themis on drums. They started out playing death/grind, but had already turned to darker paths by the time their debut full-length "Thy Mighty Contract" (1993) was unleashed. On the following seven albums covering a ten year period from 'Non Serviam' (1994) to 'Sanctus Diavolos' (2004), ROTTING CHRIST steadily refined their style by experimenting with elements from death, heavy and gothic metal without betraying their black roots. At the same time the band went from underground heroes to headliner status. Yet with the highly acclaimed 'Theogonia' (2007) the Greek veterans added an unmistakable native element to their sound, which gave their ninth full-length a very distinctive and individual twist. Such a masterpiece can hardly be surpassed, but ROTTING CHRIST held their ground with 'AEALO' (2010). Their country’s rich ancient heritage was translated into the universal language of metal with added female choirs, ancient reed pipes as well as folkloristic melodies and rhythms. Their latest masterpiece 'KATA TON DAIMONA EAYTOY' (2013) took this musical and lyrical concept another step further, confirming ROTTING CHRIST's individual sound incorporating subtle female vocals, piano, bagpipes, horns, and other means. All of these elements are expertly combined and enhanced by excellent songwriting, honed to perfection by long years of experience and the test of constantly performing live. Now 'Lucifer Over Athens' comes as a gift that the band made to itself and the multitude of ROTTING CHRIST supporters around the globe, who have been waiting for years to hold a live document such as this in their hands. Time to put the volume on ten, close your eyes and enjoy 'Lucifer Over Athens' at home!


Name Instrument
Sakis Tolis vocals, guitar
Themis Tolis drums
Vangelis Karzis bass
George Emmanuel guitar

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Fri, Feb 12 2016
: Fri, Feb 12 2016
: Dark Metal
: SOM374
: available


Lucifer Over Athens

General information
: Fri, Aug 21 2015
: Fri, Aug 21 2015
: Dark Metal
: SOM353
: available



General information
: Fri, Mar 01 2013
: Tue, Mar 05 2013
: Dark Metal
: SOM282
: available



General information
: Mon, Feb 15 2010
: Melodic Black Metal
: SOM214
: available


Non Serviam – A 20 Year Apocryphal Story

General information
: Mon, Feb 23 2009
: Dark Metal
: SOM195
: available



General information
: Mon, Jan 22 2007
: Melodic Black Metal
: SOM143
: available


Passage to Arcturo + Non Serviam

General information
: Mon, Jan 23 2006
: Black Metal
: SOM124
: available

Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Fri, Jan 26 2018 DE Essen Turock +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Sat, Jan 27 2018 NL Utrecht De Helling +Carach Angren +Svart Crown (SOLD OUT!)
Sun, Jan 28 2018 DE Hamburg Kultur Palast +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Mon, Jan 29 2018 DK København Pumpehuset +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Tue, Jan 30 2018 DE Berlin Musik +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Wed, Jan 31 2018 PL Katowice Mega Club +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Thu, Feb 01 2018 CZ Praha Futurum +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Fri, Feb 02 2018 DE Glauchau Alte Spinnerei +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Sat, Feb 03 2018 DE Mannheim MS Connection Complex +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Sun, Feb 04 2018 FR Paris Petit Bain +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Mon, Feb 05 2018 FR Nantes Ferrailleur +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Tue, Feb 06 2018 FR Lyon CCO +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Wed, Feb 07 2018 ES Barcelona Razzmatazz 3 +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Thu, Feb 08 2018 ES Oviedo Sir Laurens +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Fri, Feb 09 2018 PT Porto Hard Club +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Sat, Feb 10 2018 PT Lisboa RCA Club +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Sun, Feb 11 2018 ES Madrid Caracol +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Mon, Feb 12 2018 FR Marseille Jas Rod +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Tue, Feb 13 2018 IT Brescia Circolo Colony +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Wed, Feb 14 2018 DE München Backstage +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Thu, Feb 15 2018 AT Wien Szene +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Fri, Feb 16 2018 CH Wil Gare de Lion +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Sat, Feb 17 2018 NL Arnhem Willemeen +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Sun, Feb 18 2018 BE Vosselaar Biebob +Carach Angren +Svart Crown
Fri, May 11 2018 NO Kopervik Karmøygeddon Festival 2018
Fri, Aug 17 2018 NO Borre Midgardsblot Festival exact date tbc
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