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Samael (Dark Metal)



Throughout the '90s S A M A E L released five albums and a couple of side releases. "Ceremony of Opposites" (1994), "Passage" (1996) and "Eternal" (1999) are regarded by many as metal milestones of the last decade. They're all, indeed, representative of the constant evolution and mutation of the band.

After different experimentations, S A M A E L returned in 2004 with "Reign of Light", an album which clearly shows the band's desire to continue being on the frontline of modern heavy metal music. The release was followed by over 80 shows in Europe alone, including many festival appearances.

Early 2006 the band started to work on their new album. The recording sessions began in mid-summer of the same year and became the longest in S A M A E L's history. "Solar Soul" was mixed during January 2007 in Stockholm (Sweden), mastered in March and unleashed on the 1st of June. This was without a doubt the beginning of a new era for the band, and their new album was built to stand the test of time...

November 2008: while putting the last touch on "Above", a project they matured for sometimes, the band decided it would be S A M A E L's new album. Presented as a tribute to the band's early years and first influences, "Above" was released in March 2009.

November 2010: S A M A E L inks a deal with Season of Mist for North America, starting with the release of the "Antigod" EP. Exclusively available as digital download in Canada, USA and Mexico, the EP is made of new songs, live tracks and remixes. The band's next album is scheduled for 2011.


Name Instrument
Vorph (Vorphalack) Vocals, Guitars
Makro Guitars
Masmis (Masmiseim) Bass
Xy (Xytras, Xytraguptor) Drums, Keyboards and Programming

Releases Season of Mist


Lux Mundi

General information
: Tue, Jul 12 2011
: Oriental Death Metal
: SOM718
: US and Canada only



General information
: Fri, Nov 19 2010
: Dark Metal
: SOM725
: US and Canada only
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