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Venomous Concept (Grind Punk)




VENOMOUS CONCEPT were conceived as something like a grind punk “supergroup” - if that term can even be applied to a bunch of people with clear counter culture preferences. The name was quite obviously chosen as a homage to the legendary POISON IDEA.

At the core of VENOMOUS CONCEPT you will find BRUTAL TRUTH vocalist Kevin Sharp and Shane Embury, the iconic bass guitarist of NAPALM DEATH. The two musicians had bonded over beer and pizza as well as their mutual love of such punk heroes such as Black Flag, Systematic Death, GBH, SIEGE, and of course the aforementioned POISON IDEA.

The duo soon set about plotting its own assault on the style. Armed with bucket loads of coffee, the pair roped in Danny Herrera of NAPALM DEATH on drums as well as MELVIN's guitarist Buzz Osborne.

A record deal was signed with Mike Patton and VENOMOUS CONCEPT's first album, 'Retroactive Abortion' (2004) was followed by a split-CD with Japanese grind band 324 (2006) and another in 2008 with BLÖOD DÜSTER.

Buzz Osborne eventually went on a hiatus, but he has never left and there is always a chance for his return - schedules permitting. Shane switched to guitar, when long-time friend Danny Lilker joined on bass. Next, VENOMOUS CONCEPT brought in John Cooke of CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR on second Guitar for touring. A second full-length titled 'Poisoned Apple' was also released in 2008.

Finally and after too long of a quiet spell, the band decided that it was time for more pizza and beer (cue the A.O.D classic). They got together with a bunch of ideas, which they had recorded in demo form here and there, on tour, and in various smelly rehearsal studios…

VENOMOUS CONCEPT recorded a new album during 2014, which sees the band continue in their trademark hardcore punk styles - with the added bonus of compositions by Lilker and Cooke. You will find these fire-starters branching out dynamically in order to perfect their art of grinding rock!

Like a coiled punk rock porcupine OOK is fully charged and ready for attack!!
Looks out for VENOMOUS CONCEPT on tour soon...


Name Instrument
Kevin Sharp Vocals
Dan Lilker Bass
Danny Herrera Drums
John Cooke Guitar & backing vocals
Shane Embury Guitar & backing vocals

Releases Season of Mist


Kick Me Silly - VC III

General information
: Fri, Jan 08 2016
: Fri, Jan 08 2016
: Grindcore
: SOM367
: available
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