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Fri, Jul 17 2015: KEN MODE

Latest release: "Success"

Release date: Mon, Jun 15 2015, US Tue, Jun 16 2015

KEN mode have announced a massive headlining North American tour under the motto "Huge Success" in support of their current album 'Success'. The Winnipeg power-trio will be regionally joined by CONDUCT, FUCK THE FACTS, CHILD BITE, LIFE IN A VACUUM, WE ARE HEX, and LO PAN as well as featuring the comedy ramblings of Garrett Jamieson. Please see below for a full list of shows.

The "Huge Success" tour is sponsored by Pop Matters, New Noise Magazine, and Exclaim! KEN mode will kick off their road rage in Saskatoon, SK (CA) on September 9th, and continue into November before concluding in their hometown Winnipeg, MB (CA).


09 Sep 15 Saskatoon, SK (CA) Amigo's Cantina (+Conduct)
10 Sep 15 Edmonton, AB (CA) Wunderbar (+Conduct)
11 Sep 15 Calgary, AB (CA) Broken City (+Conduct)
12 Sep 15 Vancouver, BC (CA) Hindenburg (+Fuck the Facts)
14 Sep 15 Seattle, WA (US) Chop Suey (+Child Bite)
15 Sep 15 Spokane, WA (US) The Pin (+Child Bite)
16 Sep 15 Portland, OR (US) High Water Mark (+Child Bite)
18 Sep 15 Oakland, CA (US) Golden Bull (+Child Bite)
19 Sep 15 Los Angeles, CA (US) Loaded in Hollywood (+Child Bite)
20 Sep 15 San Diego, CA (US) Soda Bar (+Child Bite)
22 Sep 15 Salt Lake City, UT (US) Urban Lounge (+Child Bite)
23 Sep 15 Denver, CO (US) Three Kings Tavern (+Child Bite)
24 Sep 15 Kansas City, MO (US) MiniBar (+Child Bite)
25 Sep 15 Austin, TX (US) Mohawk (+Child Bite)
26 Sep 15 Dallas, TX (US) Sons of Herman Hall (+Child Bite)
27 Sep 15 New Orleans, LA (US) Siberia (+Child Bite)
29 Sep 15 Birmingham, AL (US) Syndicate Lounge (+Child Bite)
30 Sep 15 Tallahassee, FL (US) Liberty Bar (+Child Bite)
01 Oct 15 Miami, FL (US) Churchill's (+Child Bite)
02 Oct 15 Orlando, FL (US) Will's Pub (+Child Bite)
03 Oct 15 Atlanta, GA (US) 529 (+Child Bite)
04 Oct 15 Johnson City, TN (US) The Hideaway (+Child Bite)
06 Oct 15 Chapel Hill, NC (US) Local 506 (+Child Bite)
07 Oct 15 Richmond, VA (US) Strange Matter (+Child Bite)
08 Oct 15 Philadelphia, PA (US) Kung Fu Necktie (+Child Bite)
09 Oct 15 Brooklyn, NY (US) The Acheron (+Child Bite)
10 Oct 15 Rochester, NY (US) Bug Jar (+Child Bite +Life in Vacuum)
11 Oct 15 Boston, MA (US) Mid East Upstairs (+Life in Vacuum)
13 Oct 15 St. John, NB (CA) Pub Down Under (+Life in Vacuum)
14 Oct 15 Halifax, NS (CA) GCA' Pub (+Life in Vacuum)
15 Oct 15 Fredericton, NB (CA) Capital Complex (+Life in Vacuum +Fuck the Facts)
16 Oct 15 Quebec City, QC (CA) L'Anti (+Life in Vacuum)
17 Oct 15 Montreal, QC (CA) Turbo HaCA (+Life in Vacuum)
18 Oct 15 Sherbrooke, QC (CA) Le Murdoch (+Life in Vacuum)
19 Oct 15 Ottawa, ON (CA) HoCAe of Targ (+Life in Vacuum)
20 Oct 15 Kingston, ON (CA) The Mansion (+Life in Vacuum)
21 Oct 15 Toronto, ON (CA) Smiling Buddha (+Life in Vacuum)
22 Oct 15 Hamilton, ON (CA) Absinthe (+Life in Vacuum)
23 Oct 15 London, ON (CA) Call the Office (+Life in Vacuum)
24 Oct 15 Windsor, ON (CA) Dominion HoCAe (+Life in Vacuum)
25 Oct 15 Detroit, MI (US) PJ's Lager House (+We Are Hex)
26 Oct 15 Cleveland, OH (US) Now That's Class (+We Are Hex)
27 Oct 15 Pittsburg, PA (US) Mr. Roboto Project (+We Are Hex)
28 Oct 15 Columbus, OH (US) Ace of Cups (+We Are Hex +Lo-Pan)
29 Oct 15 Indianapolis, IN (US) Joyful Noise (+We Are Hex +Lo-Pan)
30 Oct 15 Columbia, MO (US) Social Room (+Lo-Pan)
31 Oct 15 St. Louis, MO (US) The Demo (+Lo-Pan)
01 Nov 15 Chicago, IL (US) Cobra Lounge (+Lo-Pan)
02 Nov 15 Dubuque, IA (US) The Lift (+Lo-Pan)
03 Nov 15 Milwaukee, WI (US) The Cactus Club (+Lo-Pan)
04 Nov 15 Madison, WI (US) Dragon Fly Lounge (+Lo-Pan)
05 Nov 15 Sioux Falls, SD (US) Total Drag (+Lo-Pan)
06 Nov 15 Minneapolis, MN (US) TBA (+Lo-Pan)
07 Nov 15 Winnipeg, MB (CA) the Windsor (+Conduct)

The Winnipeg power trio comments on 'Success': "Some of you are going to love this, some of you are going to hate it. This is a time warp for us, back to a simpler time; to when we were 15 and excited to be listening to NIRVANA, COP SHOOT COP, THE VSS, DRIVE LIKE JEHU, and CIRCUS LUPUS - and NOT fitting in with anyone we knew. This is the record we as a band needed to make, and as an artist, it is the most proud I am of any piece of art I have been a part of making, both sonically and visually. People will file these things where they want, so pigeon-hole away."

The artwork of 'Success', which was designed by acclaimed Winnipeg based fine artist Randy Ortizcan can be viewed below along with the tracklist.



  1. Blessed
  2. These Tight Jeans
  3. The Owl
  4. I Just Liked Fire
  5. Management Control
  6. A Passive Disaster
  7. Failing At Fun Since 1981
  8. A Catalog Of Small Disappointments
  9. Dead Actors

'Success' represents a bold move towards sounds that originally inspired the band at the beginning sixteen years ago. The album can be ordered in various formats directly through the Season of Mist shop.

KEN mode recorded 'Success' with legendary engineer Steve Albini (NIRVANA, THE JESUS LIZARD, PJ HARVEY) to capture the material in a fully live and analogue session in the band's hometown in November 2014. This set-up brought to fruition the rawest and most rock and roll sound this band has ever put forth.


KEN mode previously released a video for the first track off 'Success' titled "Blessed", which can be viewed here. "Blessed" was directed by Christopher Mills (TEGAN & SARAH, RUSH, INTERPOL, MODEST MOUSE, etc.), and shot live at Soybomb HQ in Toronto (CA). Subscribe to the Season of Mist Youtube channel here!

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