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Tue, Jul 01 2014: MENACE

Latest release: "Impact Velocity"

Release date: Fri, Mar 14 2014, US Tue, Mar 18 2014

MENACE, the musically many-faceted brainchild of NAPALM DEATH axeman Mitch Harris, is premiering a new video featuring a track taken from their album 'Impact Velocity'. The stunning animated clip for the song "Drowning in Density" is now streaming via the following official media partners:

Andfari (IS)
Metal As Fuck (AU)
Metal Hammer (UK)
Metal Wani (IN)
Radio Metal (FR)
Revolver (US)
Rock Hard (IT)
Rock Overdose (GR)
Slam (AT)
Spark (CZ)


Mitch comments on the clip and song:

"This week MENACE release their fourth intriguing video 'Drowning in Density' from the controversial album 'Impact Velocity' (winner of REVOLVER album of the week March 2014). The video is one of a series of Audio Installations (A.I.) compiled by aspiring fans through the use of social media networks.

"In this video, 'Drowning In Density' is the emotional soundtrack for a touching story about living the psychological aftermath of the world collapsing in a personal sense. The epic theatrical classic rock feel of the music is complemented by the emotional poetry and anthemic melodic vocals of Cygnus, taking artistic intent and heartfelt concepts into unexplored territory. The hypnotic rhythms of Samarost, and the classical orchestral strings of Radix add classical elements to linear structures of the composition. The innovative yet commanding guitars of Synergus expose the obscure, and the subsonic layering of pulses from Serpens and Erebus enhance the atmosphere to reinforce the growth through metamorphosis.

"The installation is an experiment combining music and visuals as an interactive medium that generates a feeling presented and understood in a universal sense through vibration and frequency. Combining the senses through visuals and storyboards enhances the senses increasing the power and depth of the underlying message.

"We all experience trauma from different perspectives and experience life from one angle. Through our own imaginary views of reality, we differentiate between the NOW, past and future. This stimulates a positive change through rationalisation and putting thoughts in motion. Animation through thought reflection is one way of putting things into perspective, changing the outcome, initiating change, enabling one to overcome life’s trials and tribulations through thought projection."

MENACE are in the process of confirming a series of live performances for later this year, as well as securing festival appearances next summer. Tour dates will be announced soon.

'Impact Velocity' features contributions from Derek Roddy (drums), Fred Leclercq (bass), Nicola Manzan (violin, cello, viola), Shane Embury (bass), and Russ Russell (producer and navigator of paradoxology). The album is available as a limited edition Digipak with bonus track on the Season of Mist shop.

Here are the cover artwork and track listing:



  1. I Live With Your Ghost
  2. Painted Rust
  3. Multiple Clarity
  4. To The Marrow
  5. I Won’t See The Sun
  6. Drowning In Density
  7. Positron
  8. Everything And Nothing
  9. Within Context
  10. Malicious Code
  11. Impact Velocity
  12. Seamless Integration
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