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Tue, Jul 12 2011: S A M A E L FINALLY OUT!

Upcoming release: "Lux Mundi"

Release date US: Tue, Jul 12 2011

MP3 - SAMAEL – Lux Mundi - In The Deep

After some manufacturing issues which caused a two month delay, Swiss dark metallers S A M A E L's new album "Lux Mundi" is finally being released today in North America! "Lux Mundi" is available as an exclusive 2CD digipak including the "Antigod" EP which was previously only available digitally.




  1. Luxferre
  2. Let My People Be!
  3. Of War
  4. Antigod
  5. For A Thousand Years
  6. The Shadow Of The Sword
  7. In The Deep
  8. Mother Night
  9. Pagan Trance
  10. In Gold We Trust
  11. Soul Invictus
  12. The Truth Is Marching On


  1. Antigod
  2. Into the Pentagram (2010)
  3. Reign of Light (live)
  4. Slavocracy (live)
  5. Antigod (Dark Night remix)
  6. Ten Thousand Years

The North American edition of "Lux Mundi" can be ordered from anywhere in the world on Season of Mist's e-shop.

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