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Tue, Feb 08 2011: THE GREAT ARTWORK

Latest release: "The Great Mass"

Release date: Mon, Apr 18 2011, US Tue, Apr 19 2011

MP3 - SEPTICFLESH – The Great Mass - The-Vampire-from-Nazareth

As previously announced, SEPTICFLESH's forthcoming album "The Great Mass" will hit the stores on April 18th (one day later in North America). It is time to unveil the cover artwork of the album's jewel case edition, designed by Seth Siro Anton himself:



  1. The Vampire from Nazareth
  2. A Great Mass of Death
  3. Pyramid God
  4. Five-Pointed Star
  5. Oceans of Grey
  6. The Undead Keep Dreaming
  7. Rising
  8. Apocalypse
  9. Mad Architect
  10. Therianthropy

Seth explains: "This is a small fragment of the artwork that will dress the new artistic experiment of SEPTICFLESH, 'The Great Mass'. It is a small part of an occult machine made from marble and flesh, fantasy and reality, order and chaos. A great machine composed from the blasphemous union of strange figures, creations of Man, the creator of the gods and demons. Their grotesque purpose will be revealed soon, when all the cover editions of the new album will be presented and will be combined together… Let the great self-cannibalistic symposium begin."

The Greek demons' new opus will be available in the following formats:

  • CD + Blu-ray Digipak
  • Collector's book including 2 CDs + Blu-ray
  • 12" gatefold LP
  • CD jewel case
  • Digital download

The main artwork for "The Great Mass" will appear on the limited Digipak edition, the gatefold LP and the dust jacket of the collector's book. To be revealed later!

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