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Wed, Oct 16 2013: SEPTICFLESH

Latest release: "Ophidian Wheel"

Release date: Fri, Oct 25 2013, US Tue, Oct 29 2013

Greek demons SEPTICFLESH just entered Devasoundz Studios in Athens in order to record their ninth album, the follow-up to 2011’s highly-acclaimed ‘The Great Mass’. This forthcoming opus, which titled is yet to be unveiled, should be out before summer 2014. The band will once more use the amazing musical skills of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

In the meantime, the reissue of SEPTICFLESH’s 1998 classic, ‘A Fallen Temple’, will hit the stores on January 17th (January 21st in North America), 2014. Just like with ‘Mystic Places of Dawn’, ‘ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ’ and ‘Ophidian Wheel’, this remastered re-release will include bonus tracks and will be adorned with a brand new cover artwork designed by SEPTICFLESH frontman Seth “Siro” Anton. More details soon!

Here are the cover artwork and track listing of the reissue of ‘Ophidian Wheel’, set for an October 25th (October 29th in North America) release:



  1. The Future Belongs To The Brave
  2. The Ophidian Wheel
  3. Phallic Litanies
  4. Razor Blades Of Guilt
  5. Tartarus
  6. On The Topmost Step Of The Earth
  7. Microcosmos
  8. Geometry In Static
  9. Shamanic Rite
  10. Heaven Below
  11. Enchantment
  12. The Ophidian Wheel [unreleased mix]
  13. Phallic Litanies [unreleased mix]
  14. On The Topmost Step Of The Earth [unreleased mix]

‘Ophidian Wheel’ will be available as a Digipak CD, Grey/red haze double LP (limited to 125 copies), transparent red double LP (limited to 175 copies), and black double LP. All formats, as well as t-shirt and CD+shirt bundles, can be pre-ordered on Season of Mist’s e-shop.

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