Emptiness reveal artwork and details of ‘Vide’

Posted on November 11, 2020

More information about Vide

Belgian dark metal outfit EMPTINESS are now revealing the cover artwork, track-titles and other album details of their upcoming new full length; ‘Vide’! The album is produced by vocalist/bass player Jérémie Bézier, who is trying to create something authentic and avoid all external energies. The tracking mostly happenened during the Belgian lockdown, in his appartement and rooftop 7th floor in Brussels.

EMPTINESS comment om the album: “‘Vide’ was meant as a claustrophobic album, a journey of an infinite mind stuck into a world too small. Questioning the essence of once perceptions, this album invites you to rethink your grasp of reality.”

‘Vide will be released on February 12, 2021 and pre-orders will start soon.

  1. Un corps à l'abandon
  2. Vide, incomplet
  3. Le mal est chez lui
  4. Le sévère
  5. Ce beau visage qui brûle
  6. Détruis‐moi à l'amour
  7. Plus jamais
  8. L'erreur
  9. On n'en finit pas
  10. L'ailleurs
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