Punish Yourself

Crypt 1996

Artist: Punish Yourself

Catalog Number: SOM192

Release Date: March 2nd, 2009

    CD 1

  1. Radio Jazz 99
  2. (Let's Build) a Station in Space
  3. Sexy
  4. Suck My TV
  5. Blast off Siddharta Junkie
  6. No One to Talk with
  7. Atomic Alarm Broadcast
  8. Night of the Hunter
  9. Enter Me Now
  10. Criminal
  11. Old Brother Left Hand
  12. Night-Club
  13. Enter Me Now (remix)
  14. Night-Club (remix)
  15. Elvis Died for You
  16. Sexystem
  17. Old Brother Left Hand (live)
  18. Blast off Siddharta Junkie (live)

    CD 2

  1. Dispossessed
  2. Flower
  3. Air Tribe
  4. I Like It
  5. Eye Sex Dance
  6. Nothingness Station
  7. Death by Water
  8. Slow Motion Demonstration
  9. Ceux qui vivent vivent des morts
  10. Mecanibal
  11. Endzeit Bahn Bao
  12. Totentranz
  13. Sexystem (live)
  14. Suck My TV (live)
  15. Lucifer Burger 666% Fat

In 2001, the release of "Disco Flesh Warp 99" allowed French indus metallers PUNISH YOURSELF to go from "live band" to "cult band". The brutal yet polished sound of their sophomore album rose Hell in the French industrial underground back then, as it holds the band's first dance floor hits which established PUNISH YOURSELF as a serious competitor to ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, to name but one. Eight years later, this album still sounds incredibly powerful, thanks to a top-notch production. As a bonus, this reissue includes the band's very first and long out-of-print "Feuer Tanz System" album, originally released in 1998, and no less than eleven previously unreleased or rare tracks. "Crypt 1996-2002" is the absolute key to the inception of this incontrovertible leader of the French industrial scene.

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