Punish Yourself

Gore Baby Gore

Artist: Punish Yourself

Catalog Number: SOM193

Release Date: March 16th, 2009

  1. XX (Judgement)
  2. Come on come on
  3. Dead-White Skin
  4. Mothra Lady
  5. The Dexedrine Ritual
  6. XVI (The Tower)
  7. Sister Apocalypse
  8. Worms
  9. VIII (Strength)
  10. Gun
  11. Las Vegas 2060's
  12. Voodoo Virus
  13. Doctor Doom

Two years after the bombastic cyberpunk "Sexplosive Locomotive" album, the leaders of French industrial metal PUNISH YOURSELF came back in 2006 with their fourth effort, a varied Electro Rock opus entitled "Gore Baby Gore!". Coming in a classy packaging whose funny gory artwork expresses perfectly the band's interest in Z horror movies and comics, this milestone of the industrial scene is now reissued on a worldwide scale. Foreshadowing the band's side project 1969 WAS FINE and its debut album "…But 666 Is Alright!" (out since last March), "Gore Baby Gore!" slightly strays from PUNISH YOURSELF's typical electronic surroundings to assume a genuine Garage Rock feeling and embodies a virtual meeting between MINISTRY and MOTÖRHEAD. The icing on the cake is the DVD including a full gig filmed in 2005 and a 60 minute documentary aptly named "Tour Chaos & Backstage Rampage"… More than just a bonus disc, this DVD is the key to PUNISH YOURSELF's motley and crazy universe!

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