Punish Yourself

Pink Panther Party

Artist: Punish Yourself

Catalog Number: SOM210

Release Date: October 19th, 2009

  1. ...Than a Thousand Suns
  2. Shiva only Is God
  3. End of the Western World
  4. (My Name is) Legion
  5. A Russian Lullaby (feat. Ambassador 21)
  6. Zmeya
  7. Born in Thorns / Torn to Pieces
  8. Deadmeatpetroleum
  9. This Is My Body, this Is My Gasoline
  10. Satan Buddies
  11. You Ain't Got Me
  12. Welcome to Now

After the astounding "Cult Movie" (2007) instrumental interlude and the garage 'n' wave side-project 1969 WAS FINE, French industrial champions PUNISH YOURSELF are back with their sixth album, "Pink Panther Party". When some bands lock themselves in the studio with sky-scraping budgets, the fluorescent musicians went for total "do it yourself" fashion, recording the tracks in their rehearsal room or on the road and mixing them at home. After overproduced albums worked and reworked note after note and sound after sound, the band's aim was to go back to raw violence – noise violence, sweat violence, gutter violence, stage violence. "Pink Panther Party" is not a wheedling album. It strikes, overflows, slips and bites. A venomous bite exacerbated by the nearly total absence of dubbing or effects on the voice and the use of sounds unfamiliar to the PUNISH YOURSELF universe – bombastic symphonic samples, electric violin… Too bad for the ears usually fed with huge, clean anonymous sound, "Pink Panther Party" is definitely not suited for little girls nor for the critics' good taste. PUNISH YOURSELF are cyberpunks with a three-headed dog. Don't fear Cerberus and enter the modern world's morbid carnival, an absurd orgy where senseless, occult and political references dwell – nuclear death, Aleister Crowley, Vladimir Putin as Czar of New Russia; JG Ballard's ghost, Shiva destroyer of worlds, Jesus hunting demons with an AK-47, Carl Orff on crack in a free-party, a nihilist anthem to the 20th century mythologies between AIDS, oil and genocide. THIS IS NOT A RECORD – THIS IS A CAR CRASH!

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