Ghost Brigade

Guided By Fire

Artist: Ghost Brigade

Catalog Number: SOM155

Release Date: September 17th, 2007

  1. Rails at the River
  2. Hold on thin Line
  3. Horns
  4. Minus Side
  5. Away and here
  6. Along the Barriers
  7. Based on you
  8. Disgusted by the Light
  9. Autoemotive
  10. Deliberately

If you're one of those people who need a label before you can give a band a chance, Finland's GHOST BRIGADE might not be the right band for you. Those of you on the other hand to whom a good song is more important than the genre the band belongs to, GHOST BRIGADE welcomes aboard. "Guided by Fire" is Finnish band's first album, eagerly awaited by the thousands of people who had a crush on last year's four track demo. Watch out for this true masterpiece of melancholic doomcore, a brilliant and indescribable, dark and emotional album emerging from the land of lakes and marshes. "Epic, dark and forward-thinking metal that gives the likes of Cynic, Cult Of Luna and Opeth a run for their money." Metal Hammer UK "Beautiful agressive and melodic soundscapes in the vain of early Amorphis and Katatonia!" Aardschok "Romantic dark metal at its best" Rock Hard FR "The ever-expanding Neurosis legacy has given birth to a new prodigy. A smarter, moodier and promising band called Ghost Brigade..." Terrorizer "Ghost Brigade manage to mate Katatonia's sadness with Neurosis' wrath. The result: a highly intense and passionate debut album!" Metal Hammer DE

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