Ghost Brigade

Isolation Songs

Artist: Ghost Brigade

Catalog Number: SOM202

Release Date: August 3rd, 2009

  1. Suffocated
  2. Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs - My Heart Is a Tomb (studio video)
  3. Into the Black Light
  4. Lost in a Loop
  5. 22:22 - Nihil
  6. Architect of New Beginnings
  7. Birth
  8. Concealed Revulsions
  9. Secrets of the Earth
  10. A Storm Inside

GHOST BRIGADE took the world by surprise. Their debut album "Guided by Fire" (2007) was received with raving reviews and praised by the music press all around the globe. Obviously the Finns hit a nerve with their highly original blend of Post-Rock, Metalcore, Progressive Rock, Death and Doom Metal. As a result "Guided by Fire" received laurels for being "impressively atmospheric, dark, intelligent and passionate", while letting "KATATONIA's grief collide with the wrath of NEUROSIS". Far from being stunned by such critical acclaim GHOST BRIGADE appeared at renowned festivals like Hellfest (France) or Tuska (Finland) and immediately won their audiences over with breathtaking live performances, which had matured during the years since the band's founding in 2005. Accordingly GHOST BRIGADE's next step has been anticipated with great expectations, which their second masterpiece "Isolation Songs" more than accomplishes now. Again recorded in Helsinki's Seawolf Studios (AMORPHIS, SWALLOW THE SUN) with Antti Malinen, "Isolation Songs" has taken the distinct style of these Finns to a higher level without producing a "Guided by Fire" part II. This second album is exactly as heavier, gloomier, more extreme, varied and dynamic as it should be, while adding new elements at the same time. Delve down deep into these "Isolation Songs" rejoice and weep: GHOST BRIGADE release a mighty bang!

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