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Cronian (Progressive Metal)



CRONIAN is the brainchild of two renowned musicians: BORKNAGAR main man Øystein G. Brun and Andreas "Mr. V" Hedlund aka Vintersorg. According to the artists, their third album "Erathems" represents their first full collaboration with shared compositions and lyrics – or in their own words: "The best of two worlds colliding!" The characteristic sound and style of both BORKNAGAR and VINTERSORG is omnipresent in their eight masterful creations on "Erathems". Yet there is a clear difference in scope and execution between the two original bands and CRONIAN, best explained by their masterminds: “Musically CRONIAN is the counterpart of BORKNAGAR”, relates Øystein. “BORKNAGAR revolves around traditional riffs and organic arrangements, while CRONIAN starts out on huge visionary soundscapes, which we peel down to a cold, sharp and hard hitting expression. BORKNAGAR resembles a philosopher silently pondering about man and nature. CRONIAN is the activist with an attitude portraying the destructive rage of modern civilisation”. CRONIAN was born out shared musical interests that Øystein and Vintersorg discovered after the latter had joined BORKNAGAR in the year 2000. The two musicians began to exchange ideas originally under the moniker ION and in 2004 the project took concrete shape. Under the final name CRONIAN their first full-length "Terra" was published in 2006 and immediately gained critical acclaim. The follow-up album "Enterprise" (2008) was equally highly praised. Yet the artists were not content to rest on their laurels and decided to take their music a large step further. After a creative hiatus of nearly four years, the result is "Erathems" - an equally accessible yet at the same time complex and multilayered masterpiece of dark progressive metal – now supported by a powerful state of the art production. Take your time to discover the serene beauty and marvelous architecture of CRONIAN's strongest musical vision so far!


Name Instrument
Mr. V Vocals, guitar, bass and synthesizers
Øystein G. Brun Guitars and synthesizers

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Fri, Nov 08 2013
: Tue, Nov 12 2013
: Progressive Metal
: SUA051
: available
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