Autumn Aurora

Artist: Drudkh

Catalog Number: SUA011

Release Date: November 16th, 2009

  1. Fading
  2. Summoning The Rain
  3. Glare Of Autumn
  4. Sunwheel
  5. Wind Of The Night Forest
  6. The First Snow

DRUDKH are a true underground phenomenon. Due to the great cooperation with Season of Mist the Ukrainians have agreed to re-release their complete catalogue on this label, which already started with their debut "Forgotten Legends" (2003). Now DRUDKH's much sought after second album "Autumn Aurora" (2004) is also made available again by Season of Mist with carefully restored and remastered sound. This masterwork also comes with new artwork. "Autumn Aurora" continues in the spirit of "Forgotten Legends" with the band's trademark Slavonic Pagan Metal sound, which embraces epic folk-influenced melodies and creates cinematic and luxuriant atmospheres charged with melancholy. To this "Autumn Aurora" adds synthesizer and keyboards for the first time and has been quoted as the most atmospheric album of the Ukrainians. Lyrically DRUDKH's creative figurehead Roman Sayenko once more delves into nature mysticism, the passing of seasons, philosophy, Ukrainian mythology, legends and history – often inspired by the works of nineteenth and twentieth century Ukrainian poets.

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