Artist: Drudkh

Catalog Number: SUA005

Release Date: June 22nd, 2009

  1. Days That Passed
  2. Distant Cries Of Cranes
  3. Decadence
  4. Ars Poetica
  5. Everything Unsaid Before
  6. Widow's Grief

Deep melancholy and ancient longing permeates the heart and soul of Ukrainian music. DRUDKH capture that precious essence of sadness in their brand of Slavonic Heathen Metal. The cinematic, folk-influenced music of "Microcosmos" focuses on luxuriant atmospheres charged with strong emotions. Lyrically DRUDKH delve into nature mysticism, the passing of seasons, philosophy, Ukrainian mythology, legends and history – often inspired by the works of nineteenth and twentieth century Ukrainian poets. "Microcosmos" is the magical seventh album since their acclaimed debut "Forgotten Legends" (2003).

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