Thy Catafalque


Artist: Thy Catafalque

Catalog Number: SOM782

Release Date: March 1st, 2024


  1. The Sileni And Sylvans And Fauns
  2. Mirkwood Sonnet
  3. These Are The Clouds
  4. Paths Untrodden
  5. Deathless Souls Roam
  6. Fehérlófia
  7. Micro To Macro
  8. Panta Rhei
  9. Októberi Kép
  10. Desolatio

The journey continues with THY CATAFALQUE's sophomore masterpiece Microcosmos, a revelation that delicately balances the dichotomy between black metal and avant-garde artistry. Originally released in 2001, this album explores structured thematic elements inspired by space and the vast cosmos. A sonic expedition that maintains the restless abrasion of tremolo-picked dyads and subtly mixed-in blast beats, while retaining the psychedelic sounding sings that flesh out THY CATAFALQUE's signature sound. Now, in a momentous revival, Season of Mist proudly presents the official reissue of Microcosmos, ensuring that this groundbreaking work is preserved for posterity. Fans, both seasoned and new, can delve into the intricacies of Kátai's visionary compositions, experiencing the fusion of aggression and artistry that defines THY CATAFALQUE.

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CD Deluxe Digipak
2x12" Vinyl Gatefold - Black
2x12" Coloured Vinyl Gatefold - Transparent Yellow

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