Thy Catafalque


Artist: Thy Catafalque

Catalog Number: SOM252

Release Date: November 11th, 2011

Release Date US: January 10th, 2012

  1. Fekete mezők
  2. Kel keleti szél
  3. Trilobita
  4. Kő koppan
  5. Vashegyek
  6. Holdkomp
  7. Kék ingem lobogó
  8. Az eső, az eső, az eső
  9. Tar gallyak végül
  10. Minden test fű

THY CATAFALQUE is taking a thrilling step in ever evolving and shape shifting musical development. The forthcoming fifth full-length "Rengeteg" fascinates by an eclectic mix of Metal, Folklore, Rock and even some Pop. Branded Avant-garde Metal by its mastermind, the songs drift and swirl between beautifully fragile crystalline structures into harsh and somber soundscapes. Now a solo project of singer and multi-instrumentalist Tamás Kátai, THY CATAFALQUE originally started out as a Black Metal band. Its debut "Sublunary Tragedies" (1999) gained the band laurels from critics and fans alike. This acclaim grew ever further with "Microcosmos" (2001), "Tuno ido tárlat" (2004) and "Róka hasa radio" (2009). With its exciting and mature songwriting as well as rich details, "Rengeteg" will enchant you through pure musical magic! Guest vocals by Ágnes Tóth (The Moon And The Nightspirit) and Attila Bakos (Woodland Choir, Taranis). Cello by Mihály Simkó-Várnagy

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