Thy Catafalque

Sublunary Tragedies

Artist: Thy Catafalque

Catalog Number: SOM781

Release Date: February 2nd, 2024

    Sublunary Tragedies

  1. Erdgeist
  2. Ashesdance
  3. Triumph Lightless
  4. Come Late Autumn Rains
  5. Via Millennia
  6. Rota Mundi
  7. Static Continuance

Step into the realm of avant-garde metal with Tamás Kátai's visionary project. For over two decades, THY CATAFALQUE has masterfully pioneered left-field extreme metal music. Now, the seminal album that marked the genesis of this musical journey, Sublunar Tragedies, is reborn on the Season of Mist label. Originally unveiled to the world in September of 1999, this avant-garde masterpiece serves as the foundation of THY CATAFALQUE's legacy. Picture yourself in 1999 – as the world was introduced to a fresh perspective on metal. THY CATAFALQUE emerged, offering a unique blend that juxtaposed harsh black metal tones with intricately detailed synth overlays, giving birth to a symphony that defied conventions at the time. Now, in the present day Sublunar Tragedies stands as a relic of Kátai's continued prolific artistry, ready to captivate audience yet again through its reissue on Season of Mist.

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