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Latest news: Wed, Nov 27 2019, CANNABIS CORPSE

Latest release: "Nug So Vile"

Release date: Fri, Nov 01 2019, US Fri, Nov 01 2019

Stoner death metal icons CANNABIS CORPSE are now releasing a brand new lyric video for the track 'From Enslavement to Hydrobliteration', which is taken from the band's latest album 'Nug So Vile'.

The hilarious animated video can be viewed via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE.

CANNABIS CORPSE have previously announced a brand new European tour together with label mates WITHERED. A full list of confirmed dates can be found below.

Phil Hall comments on the announcement: "Cannabis corpse is going to head back over to Europe early in 2020! Roll up a fatty and check out the dates!"


03 Jan 20 Aalst (BE) Cinema (+Carnation)
04 Jan 20 Utrecht (NL) DB's
05 Jan 20 Bochum (DE) Die Trompete
06 Jan 20 Hamburg (DE) Monkey's
07 Jan 20 Aalborg (DK) 1000Fryd
08 Jan 20 Copenhagen (DK) Vega
09 Jan 20 Stockholm (SE) Hus7
10 Jan 20 Oslo (NO) Vaterland
11 Jan 20 Malmo (SE) Plan B
12 Jan 20 Dresden (DE) Chemiefabrik
13 Jan 20 Prague (CZ) Underdogs
14 Jan 20 Bratilava (SK) Kulturak Klub
15 Jan 20 Munchen (DE) Backstage
16 Jan 20 Innsbruck (AT) P.M.K.
17 Jan 20 Bologna (IT) Freakout Club
18 Jan 20 Bolzano (IT) Pippo Stage
19 Jan 20 Zurich (CH) Werk21
20 Jan 20 Aachen (DE) Musikbunker
21 Jan 20 London (UK) Boston Music Room
22 Jan 20 Birmingham (UK) Asylum2
23 Jan 20 Edinburgh (UK) Bannerman's
24 Jan 20 Bridgewater (UK) The Cobblestones
25 Jan 20 Leeds (UK) Temple of Boom

The new CANNABIS CORPSE album 'Nug So Vile' is available in various formats in the Season of Mist shop.

Join CANNABIS CORPSE on their official Facebook page.



CANNABIS CORPSE’s latest strain of weed-metal is another potent dose of bong ripping brutality laced with tasty riffs, vicious drumming, and powerful THC. With a title inspired by CRYPTOPSY’s seminal album, 'Nug So Vile' is a horrifying look into the mind of a hardcore marijuana abuser with the demented fantasies of a reefer addict fully on display. The record is more than just a mere follow up to 2017’s 'Left Hand Pass', but rather serves as a solid companion piece, seamlessly picking up right where the band left off.

Sharing a passion for marijuana and death metal, brothers Phil 'Landphil' Hall (MUNICIPAL WASTE, IRON REAGAN) and Josh 'Hallhammer' Hall formed CANNABIS CORPSE in 2006 in Richmond, VA as a loving homage to the genre’s forefathers. The brothers decided from the start to separate themselves from the pack by infusing a green sense of humour into their horror-inspired lyrics. Meanwhile, it has become a badge of honour for many of the Halls’ idols to have one of their titles parodied by the Richmond outfit.

Now, CANNABIS CORPSE has returned as a three-piece and despite slimming the line-up down since 'Left Hand Pass', 'Nug So Vile' still sounds as full and thick as ever, solidifying their place among death metal’s elite. So, roll a blunt, grab a neckbrace, and prepare yourself for another nasty assault from the kings of weed metal.


Name Instrument
Phil 'Landphil' Hall Vocals, Bass
Josh 'HallHammer' Hall Drums
Ray Suhy Guitar

Releases Season of Mist


Nug So Vile

General information
: Fri, Nov 01 2019
: Fri, Nov 01 2019
: Death Metal
: SOM527
: available


Left Hand Pass

General information
: Fri, Sep 08 2017
: Fri, Sep 08 2017
: Death Metal
: SOM415
: available


From Wisdom To Baked

General information
: Fri, Jun 20 2014
: Tue, Jun 24 2014
: Death Metal
: SOM334
: available


Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise

General information
: Fri, Sep 27 2013
: Death Metal
: SOM310
: available


The Weeding

General information
: Fri, Sep 27 2013
: Death Metal
: SOM309
: available


Tube Of The Resinated

General information
: Fri, Sep 27 2013
: Death Metal
: SOM308
: available


Blunted At Birth

General information
: Fri, Sep 27 2013
: Death Metal
: SOM307
: available




Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Fri, Jan 03 2020 BE Aalst Cinema +Withered +Carnation
Sat, Jan 04 2020 NL Utrecht DB's +Withered
Sun, Jan 05 2020 DE Bochum Die Trompete +Withered
Mon, Jan 06 2020 DE Hamburg Monkey's +Withered
Tue, Jan 07 2020 DK Aalborg 1000Fryd +Withered
Wed, Jan 08 2020 DK Copenhagen Vega +Withered
Thu, Jan 09 2020 SE Stockholm Hus7 +Withered
Fri, Jan 10 2020 NO Oslo Vaterland +Withered
Sat, Jan 11 2020 SE Malmo Plan B +Withered
Sun, Jan 12 2020 DE Dresden Chemiefabrik +Withered
Mon, Jan 13 2020 CZ Prague Underdogs +Withered
Tue, Jan 14 2020 SK Bratilava Kulturak Klub +Withered
Wed, Jan 15 2020 DE Munchen Backstage +Withered
Thu, Jan 16 2020 AT Innsbruck P.M.K. +Withered
Fri, Jan 17 2020 IT Bologna Freakout Club +Withered
Sat, Jan 18 2020 IT Bolzano Pippo Stage +Withered
Sun, Jan 19 2020 CH Zurich Werk21 +Withered
Mon, Jan 20 2020 DE Aachen Musikbunker +Withered
Tue, Jan 21 2020 UK London Boston Music Room +Withered
Wed, Jan 22 2020 UK Birmingham Asylum2 +Withered
Thu, Jan 23 2020 UK Edinburgh Bannerman's +Withered
Fri, Jan 24 2020 UK Bridgewater The Cobblestones +Withered
Sat, Jan 25 2020 UK Leeds Temple of Boom +Withered
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