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Latest news: Thu, Nov 15 2018, KEN MODE

Latest release: "Loved"

Release date: Fri, Aug 31 2018, US Fri, Aug 31 2018

KEN mode are about to kick off their European dates with BIRDS IN A ROW and COILGUNS at the Temps Machine, Joué (FR) tomorrow, November 15. The tour sees the band hit several stages throughout Europe, until a final curtain at Magazin 4 in Brussel (BE) on December 02. A full list of confirmed shows can be found below.

Regarding the tour, Jesse Matthewson comments: "It's been a long three and a half years since we've been over to Europe, so we're very excited to embark on the second leg of our dates with Birds In Row - with a bonus Coilguns for good measure! Our brand of nihilistic noise has always been appreciated by the French, so we're doing a lot of shows in France on this trip, but we're already planning dates for 2019 for some other spots that we missed this time around. The first round of dates in the US were some of the best shows we've ever had, so we're very stoked to get back to Europe!"


15 Nov 18 Joué (FR) Temps Machine
16 Nov 18 Orléans (FR) Astrolabe
17 Nov 18 Bordeaux (FR) Void
18 Nov 18 Toulouse (FR) Rex
19 Nov 18 Montpellier (FR) Blacksheep
20 Nov 18 Clermont (FR) Raymond
21 Nov 18 Lausanne (CH) Romandie
22 Nov 18 Besancon (FR) L'Antonnoir
23 Nov 18 Karlsruhe (DE) Die Stadtmitte
24 Nov 18 Gigors (FR) CBGC'S
25 Nov 18 Milano (IT) Magnolia
26 Nov 18 Nice (FR) Altherax
27 Nov 18 Nantes (FR) Le Ferrailleur
28 Nov 18 Le Havre (FR) Fort de Tourneville
29 Nov 18 Paris (FR) Le Petit Bain
30 Nov 18 Lille (FR) Le Bistrot de St. So
01 Dec 18 London (UK) Macbeth
02 Dec 18 Brussel (BE) Magasin 4

KEN mode will be touring in support of their new album 'Loved'. The record is still available in the Season of Mist.

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Kill Everyone Now mode - an ethos legendary Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins would use to describe the band’s state of mind while taking the stage for the endless touring cycle of their genre defying classic album, ‘My War’. This proved to be the psychological foundation / attitude for the project brothers Jesse and Shane Matthewson formed in 1999 in their home of Winnipeg, Canada and that would see them spread a manic form of metal and hardcore infused with noise rock for their entire adult lives.

Cutting their teeth in the early aughts with a pair of records ‘Mongrel’ (2003) and ‘Reprisal’ (2006), KEN mode rose from underground notoriety with their JUNO award winning album ‘Venerable’ in 2011. This marked a decided shift for the band, embarking on an unrelenting touring schedule for the following five years with acts such as RUSSIAN CIRCLES, TORCHE, DEAFHEAVEN, KYLESA, REVOCATION and TODAY IS THE DAY, followed up by Season of Mist-released full lengths ’Entrench’ (2013) and ‘Success’ (2015). Those records saw the band hit a multitude of major festivals like SXSW, Hellfest Open Air, CMJ Festival, Pitchfork Festival Chicago, Hopscotch Festival, and Roadburn Festival; and even doing live sessions for renowned institutions such as BBC Radio 1 and Daytrotter.

But burnout was inevitable, and in 2016 KEN mode took a step back to regroup. Core members Shane and Jesse formed their own music business management services company, MKM Management, while bassist Scott Hamilton released records with his other bands ADOLYNE and GREYLIGHT DISTRICT. In 2017 the band began writing with a newfound focus and desire, in the most collaborative effort they have ever put together.

‘Loved’, the band’s brand new vicious full length may be the KEN mode’s quintessential statement of violence and despair made sonic. Drawing from not only the desperate noise and industrial sonics of the ‘80s and ‘90s, the band mixes in the decidedly more extreme tone and presence of death and black metal, expertly captured by Andrew Schneider’s (UNSANE, CAVE IN, DAUGHTERS) sick vision of noise and girth. ‘Loved’ represents yet another pivot point in the group’s sound, a departure from the indie/noise punk focused ‘Success’ album. The group delves deeper and darker than ever before.


Name Instrument
Jesse Matthewson Vocals / Guitar
Shane Matthewson Drums
Skot Hamilton Bass

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Fri, Aug 31 2018
: Fri, Aug 31 2018
: Noise Metalcore
: SOM486
: available



General information
: Mon, Jun 15 2015
: Tue, Jun 16 2015
: Post-Hardcore Metal
: SOM357
: available



General information
: Fri, Mar 15 2013
: Tue, Mar 19 2013
: Post-Hardcore Metal
: SOM290
: available




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