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Latest news: Fri, Feb 13 2015, TELOCH (MAYHEM) VS. THE NORWEGIAN THEATRE

MAYHEM songwriter and NIDINGR founder Morten Bergeton Iversen aka Teloch has written the music to accompany the production of German dramatist and poet Bertolt Brecht's famous play 'Mother Courage and Her Children' currently premiered by The Norwegian Theatre in Oslo! You can watch a trailer with a sneak premiere for the music and performance here.

Courage ferdig uttrykk

The Norwegian Theatre states:
How can we judge a mother that simply tries to keep herself and her children alive?

When The Norwegien Theatre in Oslo hired Lars-Ole Walburg from Germany to direct Bertolt Brecht's classic play (1939-40), he chose to trash the modernist Paul Dessau's original music, and instead use black metal as soundscape. Morten Bergeton Iversen, aka Teloch, one of Norways best composers within the genre, was hired for the job. All songs with lyrics by Brecht are now with music by Iversen and are performed partly by Peter Michael Kolstad Vegem and partly by actors who have never sung like this before. The sound of Iversens music is loud and sometimes unpleasant, just like the terrors of war.

'Mother Courage and Her Children' tells the story of a woman who lives from selling food, beer, weapons – and anything she gets hold of – to the army. She lives from war, she follows the war around, she gets mad when peace intrudes. But she does not want her own children to join the fighting. One by one the war gets to them anyway. Is it possible to live from the war, without becoming a victim to it, both morally and physically? And what does this say about the 'peace nation' Norway, which produces weapons and invests in the military industry?"


Ane Dahl Torp, who plays Mother Courage is one of Norway's most renowned actresses, much seen on stage as well as in movies and TV-series. It is the first time she sings on stage, and this music has given her a very exciting challenge! "The rhythm is extremely hard to follow, it is so tight and strict", says Ane Dahl Torp. "You can not hesitate for a second. The guys in the band says my vocal is a bit influenced by Norwegian folk music, but that is just the way I sing, I guess! Morten's music gives a lot to the performance as a whole, but also to my role as Mother Courage. The black metal genre is very emotional."


Teloch comments:
"A German team of theatre people approached me and asked if I could write music for a play they were putting up in Oslo, Norway, where I live. My first thought? Fuck off! I mean, I had never set foot inside a theatre, unless it was playing a show for MAYHEM. Therefore the world of theatre meant a bunch of fruity weird people to me. Luckily I still went to a meeting with them in order to check out what they exactly wanted. The team presented a play by Bertolt Brecht, 'Mother Courage', about a mother of three that makes money from the war. I was instantly hooked on the idea they presented to me. I also felt that these Germans were very serious about what they are doing. I also liked the prospect of a big production involving some heavy hitters from the Norwegian theatre scene. In the end this turned from 'Fuck off' into an interesting challenge. The final result is very cool, and I am proud of what I have done together with the German team, the Norwegian actors and last but not least, the musicians that I have hired to perform my compositions. This is not black metal, of course, but it is based on black metal. I kept it simple to not scare of the theatre people, but also to make it easy for the actors to work with. Don’t expect the usual Teloch dissonant riffing here as I went old school instead - simple but effective."


The 'Mother Courage' band:

Stian "Sir" Kårstad (NIDINGR, GOD SEED, TRELLDOM): guitar
Øyrvind Myrvoll (NIDINGR): drums
Peter Michael Kolstad Vegem (BLOOD TSUNAMI): bass & vocals

Dates and tickets for the play are available through this link



It has been seven long years since MAYHEM released their fourth and latest full-length, "Ordo ad Chao". In the year of their 30th anniversary the single most notorious and important band in the history of black metal returns with ten venomous and vicious tracks that are true to the Norwegians’ immense legacy as kings of the underground.

Founded as early as 1984 in Oslo, Norway by the late and legendary frontman Øystein Aarseth aka Euronymous, bassist Jørn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud, and Kjetil "Manheim" Haraldsson on drums, the band took its name from the VENOM song "Mayhem with Mercy". Continuing and renewing the Black Metal style heralded by the latter English trio, MAYHEM soon became the instigators of the so called second wave and were at the heart of every controversy surrounding that genre.

The suicide of misanthropic frontman Per Yngve "Dead" Ohlin, the murder of Euronymous by guest bass player "Count Grishnakh" alias the notorious Varg Vikernes, church burnings, drugs and prison sentences – MAYHEM were always at the centre of the storm. Yet not even death could stop the Norwegians, who released one musical milestone after another.

The incredible rawness of the "Deathcrush" EP (1987) was followed by the still iconic and genre defining "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" (1994), which featured devilish drummer Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg, who had joined in 1988. The vocalist on this album was the Hungarian Attila Csihar of TORMENTOR fame, who returned later in 2004 to take over from his meantime heir, the enigmatic original singer Sven-Erik "Maniac" Kristiansen. The latter was featured on the "Wolf's Lair Abyss" EP (1997), which was written mostly by highly talented guitarist Rune "Blasphemer" Eriksen, who scored a massive artistic success with the highly controversial "Grand Declaration Of War" (2000). This was followed by the more classic "Chimera" (2004) and that masterpiece of utter darkness called "Ordo Ad Chao" (2007) with Attila singing again, which inspired many bands to follow in its tracks.

MAYHEM had always witnessed many line-up changes due to the circumstances described above. Therefore even the loss of Blasphemer, who decided to focus on his other band AVA INFERI in 2008, did not stop the band. Activities mainly revolved around live shows, until the right balance was found again with the recruitment of Morten "Teloch" Iversen. The guitarist had already made a name for himself with NIDINGR, which is highly regarded amongst black metal enthusiasts yet remained mostly an underground phenomenon.

Now his first compositional work with MAYHEM is unveiled and demonstrates how perfectly Teloch has captured the essence and spirit of the Norwegian legend by clearly linking the band back to its roots, while at the same time taking a step forward into the spearhead position of the genre instead of dwelling in nostalgia.

"Esoteric Warfare" is finally ready to be unleashed. This full-scale assault of total dark savagery of freezing riffs and Attila's inhumane vocals is entirely based on a concept dealing with the esoteric experimentations of the nuclear powers during the cold war. The album proves once again and beyond doubt that MAYHEM are the Alpha and the Omega of black metal!


Name Instrument
Attila Csihar Vocals
Teloch Guitars
Necrobutcher Bass
Hellhammer Drums
Ghul Guitars (live)

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