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Latest news: Mon, Oct 16 2017, SEPTICFLESH

Latest release: "Codex Omega"

Release date: Fri, Sep 01 2017, US Fri, Sep 01 2017

SEPTICFLESH have announced a big European tour in support of their latest masterpiece, 'Codex Omega'. The Greek masters of symphonic death metal will be joined by label mates and American black metal trailblazers INQUISITION. A full list of confirmed shows can be found below.


04 Jan 18 München (DE) Backstage
05 Jan 18 Leipzig (DE) Hellraiser
06 Jan 18 Praha (CZ) Klub Nová Chmelnice
07 Jan 18 Budapest (HU) Barbara Negra
08 Jan 18 Wien (AT) Viper Room
09 Jan 18 Ljubljana (SI) Orto Bar
10 Jan 18 Bologna (IT) Alchemie Club
11 Jan 18 Brescia (IT) Circolo Colony
14 Jan 18 Lyon (FR) Cco Jean Pierre Lachaize
16 Jan 18 Madrid (ES) Sala Caracol
17 Jan 18 Barcelona (ES) Razzmatazz
18 Jan 18 Toulouse (FR) Le Metronum
20 Jan 18 Paris (FR) La Machine du Moulin Rouge
22 Jan 18 London (UK) The Underworld
23 Jan 18 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
24 Jan 18 Nijmegen (NL) Doornroosje
25 Jan 18 Hamburg (DE) Markthalle
26 Jan 18 Matrix (DE) Bochum
27 Jan 18 Mannheim (DE) MS Connexion Complex

SEPTICFLESH Festival Shows
02 Dec 17 Beirut (LB) Minus 5
12 Jan 18 Zürich (CH) Meh Suff! Winter-Fest 2018
13 Jan 18 Denain (FR) In Theatrum Denonium Festival
19 Jan 18 Angers Le Chabada (FR) Angers Mini Fest

On other news, SEPTICFLESH have released the third part of their "the making of 'Codex Omega'" series. This time, the Greek masters of symphonic death metal allow a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of their vocal recordings. You can watch the video on the official Season of Mist YouTube channel.

SEPTICFLESH will be touring in support of their latest release 'Codex Omega' which already has been named "album of the month" by Spark Magazine (CZ), Scream Magazine (NO), Ultraje (PT), and Ghostcult Magazine (UK) among other high praise. The artwork for 'Codex Omega' has been created by frontman Seth and can be viewed below.



  1. Dante's Inferno
  2. 3rd Testament (Codex Omega)
  3. Portrait of a Headless Man
  4. Martyr
  5. Enemy of Truth
  6. Dark Art
  7. Our Church, Below the Sea
  8. Faceless Queen
  9. The Gospels of Fear
  10. Trinity

'Codex Omega' can still be ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop

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SEPTICFLESH are painting an apocalyptic vision and make full use of their impressive musical palette consisting of death metal and orchestral colours on their tenth full-length, 'Codex Omega'.

From their alpha EP 'Temple of the Lost Race' that was released one year after their founding in 1990, the Greek musicians have pushed the limits of the metal genre and continued to explore new sonic path with every following release from their debut album 'Mystic Places of Dawn' (1994) to the stunning 'Sumerian Daemons' (2003), which have in the meantime all been re-issued by Season of Mist.

Yet SEPTICFLESH had clearly come into their own sound when they unleashed their celebrated comeback album after a five-year hiatus that re-charged their artistic batteries. 'Communion' (2008) offered a well-balanced amalgamation of metal elements that were freely drawn from the darker side of the genre including death, black, and gothic metal with epic orchestral arrangements. This symphonic excellence was based on guitarist Christos Antoniou bringing to bear the fruits of his academic studies of classical composition, which he passed with honours and distinction.

With a clear musical compass to navigate, SEPTICFLESH continued to explore their sound and the compositional possibilities of this new-found metal continent. 'The Great Mass' (2011) and 'Titan' (2014) saw the Greeks evolving at fast speed and at the same time gathering adherents as well as critical praise in ever growing numbers. Extended touring on both sides of the Atlantic and performances at about every important festival further consolidated the bands burgeoning status.

Although the biblical omega marks the end, SEPTICFLESH on the contrary are reaching their current peak with 'Codex Omega', an album that clearly witnesses the Greek visionaries having come to maturity and expert craftsmanship in every sense. SEPTICFLESH are the undisputable masters of symphonic death metal and 'Codex Omega' is the perfect proof for this bold statement.


Name Instrument
Seth Siro Anton Vocals, bass
Christos Antoniou Guitar, orchestration
Sotiris Anunnaki V Clean Vocals, guitar, 12-string guitar
Kerim 'Krimh' Lechner Drums

Releases Season of Mist


Codex Omega

General information
: Fri, Sep 01 2017
: Fri, Sep 01 2017
: Symphonic Death Metal
: SOM425
: available


Revolution DNA

General information
: Fri, Aug 05 2016
: Fri, Aug 05 2016
: Dark Metal
: SOM289
: available



General information
: Fri, Jun 20 2014
: Symphonic Death Metal
: SOM325
: available


A Fallen Temple

General information
: Fri, Jan 17 2014
: Tue, Jan 21 2014
: Gothic Metal
: SOM288
: available


Ophidian Wheel

General information
: Fri, Oct 25 2013
: Tue, Oct 29 2013
: Gothic Death Metal
: SOM287
: available


ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ (Esoptron)

General information
: Fri, Jun 07 2013
: Tue, Jun 11 2013
: Death Metal
: SOM286
: available


Mystic Places of Dawn

General information
: Fri, Jan 25 2013
: Tue, Jan 22 2013
: Death Metal
: SOM274
: available


The Great Mass

General information
: Mon, Apr 18 2011
: Tue, Apr 19 2011
: Symphonic Death Black Metal
: SOM229
: available


Sumerian Daemons

General information
: Fri, Oct 10 2008
: Symphonic Death Black Metal
: SOM183
: available



General information
: Mon, Mar 17 2008
: Symphonic Death Black Metal
: SOM174
: available

Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Sat, Dec 02 2017 LB Beirut Minus 5
Thu, Jan 04 2018 DE München Backstage +Inquisition
Fri, Jan 05 2018 DE Leipzig Hellraiser +Inquisition
Sat, Jan 06 2018 CZ Praha Klub Nová Chmelnice +Inquisition
Sun, Jan 07 2018 HU Budapest Barbara Negra +Inquisition
Mon, Jan 08 2018 AT Wien Viper Room +Inquisition
Tue, Jan 09 2018 SI Ljubljana Orto Bar +Inquisition
Wed, Jan 10 2018 IT Bologna Alchemie Club +Inquisition
Thu, Jan 11 2018 IT Brescia Circolo Colony +Inquisition
Fri, Jan 12 2018 CH Zürich Meh Suff! Winter-Fest 2018
Sat, Jan 13 2018 FR Denain In Theatrum Denonium Festival
Sun, Jan 14 2018 FR Lyon Cco Jean Pierre Lachaize +Inquisition
Tue, Jan 16 2018 ES Madrid Sala Caracol +Inquisition
Wed, Jan 17 2018 ES Barcelona Razzmatazz +Inquisition
Thu, Jan 18 2018 FR Toulouse Le Metronum +Inquisition
Fri, Jan 19 2018 FR Angers Le Chabada Angers Mini Fest
Sat, Jan 20 2018 FR Paris La Machine du Moulin Rouge +Inquisition
Mon, Jan 22 2018 UK London The Underworld +Inquisition
Tue, Jan 23 2018 BE Vosselaar Biebob +Inquisition
Wed, Jan 24 2018 NL Nijmegen Doornroosje +Inquisition
Thu, Jan 25 2018 DE Hamburg Markthalle +Inquisition
Fri, Jan 26 2018 DE Matrix Bochum +Inquisition
Sat, Jan 27 2018 DE Mannheim MS Connexion Complex +Inquisition
Sat, Feb 03 2018 US Fort Lauderdale, FL 70000 Tons of Metal Exact date tba
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